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Putlocker Alternatives: Secured Sites To Stream Your Favorite Shows

Putlocker Alternatives: Secured Sites To Stream Your Favorite Shows
Over the years, there’s an increasing number of streaming platforms emerging to the market. These days, the average consumer would want to have the best idea of whichever platform is best suited for them. However, movie streaming platforms are restricted to a region, or it’s very expensive as the common cost for it is a few dollars for a monthly subscription. Fortunately, we have Putlocker, and users can stream movies from anywhere as they can watch all of their favorite shows. However, there may come a time when the government shuts it down, or it may be locked in your region. Therefore, here we have a list of Putlocker alternative that still allows users to stream their favorite movies or TV shows soundlessly.

All About Putlocker

Don’t worry if you have no idea what putlockers are; this article will elaborate all there is to it and give out details of the best alternatives. Putlocker is probably one of the most popular streaming platforms for movies, documentaries, TV shows, and other media types. Get all the software’s benefits without spending a single penny on it. Founded back in 2012, Putlockers was initially registered under the name ‘’ It got to the point when there were no other streaming platforms that could compete with Putlocker’s quantity of content. So, if you’re an enthusiast for movies and popular TV shows, this program is going to be your best friend for a long time. Not only that, this software has all the classic movies and TV shows, but it’s updated regularly with recent releases. Putlocker constantly updates its library to exhibit most of the best movies ever released with, of course, various genres. Moreover, you can access everything in Putlocker for free; users won’t have to register their bank details or credit cards to do so.


One of the best picks for the Putlocker alternative is the YesMovies. This program is the perfect way for users to watch more than 9,000 TV shows, movies, documentaries, and anime in high-definition quality. The software has a wide array of content available for access to all of its users, as well as having a streamlined interface for the user’s convenience. The best aspect of YesMovies is that the whole interface can be switched to dark mode. Rendering the whole interface is quite pleasing to the eyes, especially at night when most users utilize streaming platforms. YesMovies’ library ranges from classic movies and TV shows all the way to the most recent releases.


SolarMovie is one of the great contenders to be on top of the best alternatives for Putlocker. Offering innumerable TV shows and movies in its library, the software provides its users limitless access to its massive library at any given time or place. Aside from the program’s lustrous user interface, it also has a massive collection of TV shows and movies in its library. One terrific quality of SolarMovie is the capability to filter out TV shows and movies, depending on where you’re watching it from. It won’t matter if your go-to genres are Indian, KDrama, or European; users would only need to browse through all of it. SolarMovie is a commendable streaming alternative as it won’t give its users any problems or difficulties.


Another great alternative to Putlocker is 123Movies. This movie streaming platform is popularly known across the world when it comes to platforms that stream movies and TV shows for free. If you’re an avid watcher of popular media, you’ve probably come across 123Movies at some point. The platform offers its users legal and safe access to all of its movies and TV shows. The main menu of 123Movies is considered one of the most convenient interfaces in a streaming platform. It’s quite easy to navigate through all of its options and a decent way of showing off a diverse selection of popular media such as anime, movies, and TV series. The program also recognizes patterns to recommend media for the user better.


PopcornFlix is dubbed as one of the longest-running platforms out there when it comes to movie streaming. Making PopcornFlix one of the most famous alternatives for Putlocker. Anyhow, the website allows its users to watch all of their favorite movies and TV shows without the hassle and inconvenience of paying a single penny for its services. Even though the platform has multiple complications, such as having limited selection for media, PopcornFlix still became one of the most famous alternative platforms for Putlocker. Users don’t even have to register or pay any subscription fee to the service, as everything the platform offers is free.

Los Movies

As impressive as this may sound, Los Movies has an outstanding 2000-page library for all the TV shows and movies available for free, as well as having various genres and catalogs for its content. All the user would have to do is browse through its massive library or search for any particular show you like. The platform may be in English, but it has many options for subtitles. The only negative aspect of Los Movies is its irritable notifications that suddenly show up out of nowhere. Users would have to be cautious about where they point their mouse as a click anywhere in the interface may trigger a pop-up notification. Fortunately, there’s a solution, and users would only have to install VPN apps to block off incoming pop-ups.


MegaShare didn’t back down on its name, including numerous movies, TV shows, and documentaries on the streaming platform and is known to be one of Putlocker’s most powerful and best alternatives. MegaShare offers in its library a wide range of shows that have a variety of genres. You can search the website by alphabet only, the year it was published, and the country name and IMDb Top Rated filters. Due to its user-friendly interface and design, the site is considered one of the most convenient free movie streaming platforms.

Use a Putlocker alternative 

If you’re the type of person who’s fond of watching movies or your favorite TV shows without leaving your home’s comfort, make sure you’re going to try either of the Putlocker alternatives listed above. Having the best and convenient movie streaming platform in your grasp is the best that will ever happen to you. Try them out today!
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