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How to write a blog post – Tips for Beginners

How to write a blog post – Tips for Beginners
Are you struggling to write an interesting blog post?  Well, you have learned into the right article as we are going to discuss just how to write an interesting blog post

Blog post help boost SEO rankings

They act as your salesman even when you are not operating. Blog posts are an essential part of your sales funnel and they help you in creating awareness about your product or your service. The more you publish blog posts the higher you can expect your rankings in SERPs. And not just that they’re also important for building a relationship between brand business or service and the customer. We don’t just buy products or use services we buy stories and this is why companies hire content writers so they can create interesting stories on their behalf in the shape of interesting blog posts. And blog posts are one of the essential tasks that you will be performing as a content writer. So it is important that you learn about the importance of blog posts in SEO and how they contribute to other operations of a business. 

Inserting the Keywords naturally: 

People read the blog posts for various reasons to get information for entertainment purposes and to get to know more about their favorite personalities. The number of blogs varies as per SEO’s requirement. Here, we are more concerned about the production of blogs, right? No matter, if you are writing for a media agency a manufacturing company, or a retailer’s website. You will need a format to structure your blog post. So you can insert keywords naturally.  Have you ever thought that what is a blog post? Consider a diary that we use to share information. Our experiences and recommend something to others in the old days only bloggers used to publish blog posts, but today businesses are utilizing this content format. Starting with the basics of the format of blog posts. You need to memorize this list that goes: 
    1. Title introduction 
    2. Paragraph 
    3. 3-4 headings 
    4. A paragraph explaining each heading 
    5. Conclusion 
    6. CTA or call to action of a blog post. 
    7. The font size should be 12px of your body 
    8. Try to stick with one font like I use Times New Roman to write the blog post and one more thing set the title to 16px and headings to 14px to make them prominently in your blog posts. This is because the reader skims the page before deciding if they need to stay on the page, or do they need to leave.

Where Keywords should be used:

We need to use this keyword several times in the body of the blog post like once in the title and in the introduction paragraph. Later in the heading paragraph and if possible in the conclusion paragraph or CTA. Make sure that the keyword doesn’t sound forced or injected in the blog post as this is your job to write it in a natural way.

Maintaining higher readability score:

For maintaining a higher readability score you need to keep each line between 15 to 20 words and even if you write a big line, you can convert it into two lines to adjust the Word count that I just mentioned. 

Write your content in the active voice:

One more thing we use the second person to write a blog post Like we use the word “you” and “your” to address the reader. Avoid the use of passive voice. Also one more thing, 

Avoid verbal vocabulary:

Try to write a blog post in routine language. So the reader can easily understand the Concept or anything that you’re describing the blog post without getting help from the dictionary. Just don’t use so verbal vocabulary that is impossible to understand in 30 seconds 

Title and Meta-description:

Make sure the title of your blog is not too small and not too long. It can be around 200 characters. Try to fix your keyword within the Title. The Meta-description is short information regarding what your blog is representing. It should be a short and understandable to the readers approximately 300 characters.

Featured Images:

Your Blog should contain relevant and attractive images. This drives the user’s attention over your Blog post. A featured image should be relevant to what your blog is featuring. It should be of high quality and an eye-catchy image.

Final checking:

Once you are done writing your blog post try to read it twice. Firstly to remove any mistakes or typos and secondly to adjust a line that isn’t going with the flow. Basically, you need to develop a story not completely fiction but you just need to give it a touch of a story so that the reader can enjoy that and he can also make the decision that he has landed on the right website and His journey is complete.  So these were the rules to create an interesting blog post. So I would suggest you search anything that you like, select an article, understand the topic and produce two different articles on the same topic, yes, you can use the title and subheadings, but the wording in the body should be your own because the best way to learn something is to omit it to follow the best in the industry and Let’s start with the rewriting process Until you become proficient enough to produce your original piece 
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