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Remote Work Opportunities For You

Remote Work Opportunities For You
Job opportunities are hard to come by nowadays with the ongoing pandemic, and to be honest, you’d rather find a way that you can work at home to limit your risks. There are tons of work opportunities available that can be done 100% remotely. Here is a list of six remote job opportunities that you may not have considered.


If you have experience in a call center or customer service environment, this is an excellent job for you. The only difference is you get to create your own schedule, and the work can be done right from home. There are thousands of work-from-home customer service jobs, so you’ll have your pick of the kind of industries that you want to work in. You need some severe problem-solving skills, so that you can master first caller resolution


Social media managers should expect a 10% growth in their fields for the next 10 years, which means this career option is a great pick as there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. For those who have a background in copywriting or advertising, this could turn out to be the perfect fit. You get to enjoy doing the same or similar work that you used to do at the office, but this time, you are doing it without having to rise early in the morning, sit in traffic for endless amounts of hours, and then pay a monthly fee for your parking. Working at home allows you to save money that you otherwise would have spent on all of the expenses getting to work costs in the first place. There are several social media calendars that can help you get organized at home.  


Because of the current climate of the world, the rehabilitation sciences are going remote. Qualified and licensed speech therapists can find remote work online where they can continue serving the needs of patients dealing with speech limitations.


Web development is another fantastic field to get into if you are not already familiar with and working in this career. Many jobs are high-paying, and a degree is not always required. You can learn this skill by watching videos on YouTube and completing lessons at your own pace. It’s possible to be job-ready after three to six months of self-study. Salaries can start as high as $60,000, which makes this a very popular option for people looking to break into the work-at-home crowd.


Remote opportunities are also available for trained human resource professionals. When people think of remote work done from home, human resources generally doesn’t cross their minds, but it is something that can be done, and plenty of companies are hiring.


Have you ever seen those ads saying, “Work at home in data entry? Just pay $25, and we’ll tell you how.” Yes, those are sadly scams. You should never pay any money for working at home. But there is an opportunity available for people who want a typing job they can do from home. Transcription is typing what you hear from audio files. It’s easy to get started, and opportunities are plentiful. All you need is a computer and a transcription audio player that you can download for free, and that’s it. Salaries are decent, paying anywhere from $10 to $30 plus an hour. It may seem like it’s impossible to find a decent job that you can do from home, but this is not the case. It is easier than it has ever been. You just need to know where to look.
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