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Why Running a Business without Online Visibility is like suffering a Digital Holocaust?

Why Running a Business without Online Visibility is like suffering a Digital Holocaust?

“Digital Marketing is kind of killing the old school marketing and it seems that the marketers not adapting themselves to complement the time & technology may undergo a Digital Holocaust!”

There must be a reason digital marketers are often found emphasizing on online visibility. Though every one of us has the clue about it or in fact every one of us is aware with the concept as to why it is so! Talking about the visibility of a business in online world, it is simply the visibility of your website as your website is the virtual representation of your business in the online world. Though visibility can be crucial for any website but for a business’s it is must. After all, your main intention behind creating a website was to exist actively in the virtual world and connecting with your potential customers while making them more aware about your business & its offering! Isn’t it? A large part of the consumer base is already online in this digital era of today. They are doing a lot of things online such as buying things, posting reviews, gossiping about the good & bad of your business on social media & other platforms apart from the most basic thing internet is meant for i.e. hunting for information across the vast internet world. This is what has made it crucial to have a website rather the most effective website. Though the fact that your potential customers are there on online platforms is a straight signal however you need to get a website to get online and to join the conversation that’s already going on. Obviously! The stronger your presence on web, bigger will be the number of online consumers visiting your site eventually yielding you higher conversions, your ultimate goal. Let’s me give you a quick glimpse of a few concrete reasons behind importance of online visibility!

It is required for driving traffic to your website!

Just now we discussed about how the consumers are actively present in the online world doing multiple things including the search for product & services, making purchases and so on. In the course of hunting for what they are looking for they may embark upon your website if you have one.

It is required for building your brand!

Has it not happened with you something you come across while you are on your move remain etched in your subconscious mind somewhere and when you go for shopping and see that brand , it urges you to buy from that brand giving you a clue that it’s a known brand as visible everywhere. This is what! A great visibility helps you in establishing a brand image for your business by allowing it to be potentially seen by millions. In the end it not just lifts the sales generating more revenue for your business but also adds new & loyal customers in your database.

It is required if you operate locally!

This is the biggest boon of digital marketing that you can target your product to the right segment of audience saving a lot of bucks to be invested at other right places. There are several search engine optimization tactics through which you can place your product on internet visible only to the local audience if you have a product to be sold in the local markets. By improving your local visibility you can easily drive more sales from the local markets.


“The online visibility must be backed up with good content to gain the ultimate results!”

Optimizing the website for search engines is an awesome work that one can do but it will hardly yield you good results if the content lacks value. Do you remember those lines we used to chant when we were kids?

Coming together is beginning…keeping together is progress…working together is success!”

This is what is required in online marketing as well!

Getting the online traffic is beginning…generating leads from that traffic is progress and converting those leads into sales is success!! 🙂

Don’t forget consumers were hunting for some information for resolving the issues they were going through perhaps. However in spite of finding you very quickly on web due the mind-blowing optimization you have performed for your website with all the right keywords at place, if they find the useless information on your site they will bounce back. In fact the chances are they will never come back taking a poor image of your brand with them. However, for, they have a need, they might turn to one of your wise competitors who are doing all that you aren’t! So! Never take content for granted! Think it as a part of your SEO (search engine optimization). Also! There are a few more factors that need your attention such as the loading speed of your website, its user-interface, its look & feel and so on.


The buyers are online however if your product is not you are losing those to your competitors! Work religiously on your online visibility, for, if you are 5 years away from your competitor in getting online visibility, you are lagging behind them almost by a half- century!! And! Why take it so recklessly if you have some awesome tools & services at your disposal to get online visibility for your website such as SEO, blogging, Social Media marketing, PPC, video marketing and so on. So, get on your toes before the competition gets on you!! Happy Marketing!! 🙂
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