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5-Step Guide to Learn the Basics of Quality Link Building

5-Step Guide to Learn the Basics of Quality Link Building
Link building plays a critical role in promoting a website and its content. As a digital marketer, you need to build a marketing strategy that will increase your site’s leads and profitability. Finding quality links and using them for SEO is one of the best techniques. Besides increasing traffic, high-quality links attract search engines. Even though Google algorithms are constantly changing, quality links remain an essential factor in website ranking. Your site looks worthy of citation and thus becomes a resource Google can recommend. Here are the necessary steps for quality link building:
  • Focus on Creating Evergreen Content

An easy way to build links on your website is to create compelling content. Good content is an asset for every marketer who wants to succeed in website promotion. The text on your website needs to be of high quality, unique and focused on your audience. It would be best if you include other types of content too. Images, videos, etc., can also help you build links. Find the kind of content that attracts audiences in your industry and use it to make your community and links. Hiring a Denver SEO company, for instance, can help your site rank higher in search engine rankings. Such an agency identifies flaws in your content strategy that are costing you better rankings.  You can then fix these issues and get more visibility.  But then, creating content is not enough to bring more leads; you must promote it. Telling your audience about the type of content you make will get you more readers. The more people find your content relevant, and helpful, the more they link their blogs to your site. If getting the content to the right people seems challenging, hiring influencers should help. Despite requiring some investment and consuming a lot of time, it’s a great strategy. With time, you may no longer need to spread the word as your content and readers will do it for you. You should also consider your website’s design. Though your content is the best out there, if your website is poorly-designed, it’ll be difficult to trust you and your content. This would lead to low chances of getting organic backlinks. Professionals from a web design company can create a great home for your evergreen content. As sad as the truth may seem, people would trust a man in a suit more than someone who’s wearing shabby clothing.
  • Understand Guest Blogging

Many marketers have built links through guest blogging. This strategy involves reaching out to website owners in your industry and requesting them to publish your content. Mostly, website owners accept guest blogging requests if the content is in line with what their audience wants to read. If accepted, generate top-quality content, then link to your website somewhere within it. The positive from guest blogging is that you can benefit in two ways. First, the website owner you guest blogged for my request to post on your website too after realizing the quality it carries. Second, you may draw many of their readers to your platform too. It is more likely that a reader will click on your link if they can’t find everything they’re looking for on their initial website. If impressed, they could turn your site into their go-to resource. You never run out of options with guest blogging. You can pitch to as many website owners as you can to increase your acceptance rate. Besides, there’re many content ideas for every industry; pitch to them until your fingers bleed.
  • Utilize Ego Bait Tactics

Ego bait is an excellent but not necessarily reliable way to build links on your website. It means mentioning a high-profile person or a top website in your content to play with their ego. If they fall into your trap, they will share your content or links on their social media pages or websites. The reason why this can be unreliable is because of who it targets. Remember, you’re targeting an individual or a website, and that isn’t your target audience anyway. You hope that the person you feature gets excited and more inclined to share your content with ego bait. The biggest challenge for the marketer is creating the content that pleases the people they plan to mention. Besides impressing them, they should resonate with the idea in your content. If possible, the content should be in line with their industry if they want to share it. As mentioned, the biggest drawback to this technique is the volume of links it brings. You do not expect to get a high volume from a method that relies basically on try and error. Using it alongside other techniques will deliver the best SEO results.
  • Get to Grips With Broken Link Building

Broken links are almost everywhere on the internet. Sometimes, you may find a massive volume of them on high-quality websites that could increase traffic on your site. Broken link building means identifying these links and informing the website owners about them. Once you let them know, suggest to them better pages they could link to on your website. Since broken links add no value, the website owner will be willing to remove them. If your content meets their expectations and is relevant to what they wanted to focus on, they’ll happily link to your site. With broken link building, you can either use existing content or create new content. If you already have relevant content, the website owner will link to your site as fast as possible. You aren’t short of ideas when working with broken links, as they’re more than enough of them online.
  • Be Versed with Internal Linking

This technique is free and the most effortless you can use to build links. It is worth your consideration because it gives you the control you need. Internal link building means you’re not going to seek permissions or pay to have your link in some content. For search engines to rank you highly, you need to follow some directions when linking internally. First, you should have an anchor text that matches the content on the linked page. Besides, the linking page needs to have high-quality content, possibly with some additional information. Internal linking provides you with extra options. Remember, you do not enjoy as much freedom when guest posting on other people’s sites. Additionally, you cannot be sure anyone will accept a link to your site. Internal linking gives you maximum control of all these elements. 


If you’re looking to get started with link building, these essential tips might give you insights. Remember, the link building results are as good as the quality of links used on a website. Be keen on the credibility and authority of the sites that link to your website.
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