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The Importance of User Experience for Digital Marketing

The Importance of User Experience for Digital Marketing
Once upon a time, selling products was determined by consumers’ needs and those needs were simple – I need this or I need that.  Today, however, customers want more things done faster than ever and delivered to them while maintaining the highest possible quality.  In order to even attract a potential client to give your product a chance, you must make sure they get the best possible experience.  This is where UX design can help, especially in the field of digital marketing. There is no use of an effecting digital marketing strategy if your website is not user-friendly.  

User Experience Is Not Just about Interfaces

There’s not a single soul that could argue the importance of intuitive and effective interface when it comes to guaranteeing user experience. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only important UX component. Interface only represents one of the ways that the technology uses to communicate with users. Basically, user experience defines the bond between users and technology. Due to the continuous development of different technologies, users’ needs are constantly increasing and that’s the main thing UX has to deal with.

Usability and User Experience Are Different

Often people say that user experience represents usability. Even though usability represents kind of a technical UX component, they are definitely not the same. Usability stands for things such as page loading time, interface’s simplicity and so on. On the other hand, user experience represents feelings and thoughts that go through customers’ minds while thinking about or buying some of your products or services. It’s not about measurable things that you can write down, but rather about things that you can’t express that easily. A well-known success strategy is “mouth-to-mouth” marketing which requires you to offer high quality. What would happen to your brand if you invested in marketing and UX? People would realize the value that you’re providing and after giving you a chance, they would happily spread a couple of good words about you and your brand. Still, this two-edged sword could easily hurt you as well. Just imagine you offer, for some reason, bad user experience. Immediately you will notice rumors and bad words, spreading faster than ever.

User Experience Is More Than What Digital Marketing Currently Counts

So far, we’re all used to communicating between ourselves and communicating with product owners via, for example, social media and such platforms. In these cases, it’s obvious that companies promoting themselves on social media have to work hard on improving user experience if they want to stay on the market. One can easily notice here that staying on the market doesn’t guarantee to be successful, it only means that you’ve managed not getting ruled out by some of your competition. The real struggle is still ahead of you. It’s very important keeping in mind that the user’s experience will be created no matter what happens in the end. From the moment a person needs or wants something, through moments of finding out about a product via certain channels of promotions, all the way to finally buying a product, the consumer can thoroughly explain their overall experience. This is exactly what you need to think about while working on your user experience. Every moment matters and every aspect of your business has to be processed in a way that you’re always thinking about UX.

User Experience Uses Multiple Research Approaches

Some people might end up thinking that anyone can work on improving user experience since in their minds it represents nothing more than building fast and simple applications. The truth is quite different since it actually means analyzing people’s needs, desires and even behavior in order to provide a quality user experience. UX designers are actually makers of the digital economy, who are able to provide solutions for revolutionizing user experience, underline the people behind a current master’s degree in interaction design.

Marketers Need User Experience

There’s strong turbulence going on between acquiring conversions and optimizing the user experience. In order to turn visits into payouts, marketers often opt for the aggressive approach of offering their products. On the other hand, optimizing user experience is important in order to keep them on your site and getting them to take a look at what you have to offer. Aside from that, we’d all want them to come back to our site again, right? Here, user experience works like a balance between you and your customer’s needs. You have to keep in mind that users’ needs are what you have to focus on. That’s why whenever users demand lower page loading time, you give it to them. It’s the same with the currently most popular design template called minimalism. Users want everything to be simple and they don’t want to spend more than 2 seconds on your landing page, in order to find out what your site is about. Those needs can easily represent the user’s specifications for implementing and providing a quality user experience.

Visual Experience

Quality content and quality products are definitely something you must have if you want to make it out there, but we can’t ignore the fact that humans are visual beings. To be precise, this means that visual storytelling can and has easily replaced a few other digital marketing strategies.  Every business should consider focusing on providing great visual experience as this is something that every customer would like to feel.

User Experience Drives Loyalty

One of the key things that everyone highlights while talking about the brand is the importance of loyal customers. Guess what’s the easiest way to turn a customer into your loyal customer? Just provide great user experience and they will be coming back for more and that’s how they end up being loyal to your brand.

Give User Experience Its Deserving Attention

Taking into consideration various researches showing that users are almost always unhappy with their experience gained by visiting sites via different devices, it’s quite obvious that investing in improving user experience can definitely pay off. As long as your website is optimized for mobile and pc devices, loads fast, and allows the user to understand the website’s purpose within a couple of seconds, you are good to go. New levels of engagement, happening between users and products, make users excited and lures them to visit again and stay. For this reason, improved user experience imposes itself as the most effective, affordable way to gain customers and obtain profit.
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