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Top 10 Apps for Creating Amazing Instagram Stories in 2020

Top 10 Apps for Creating Amazing Instagram Stories in 2020
Instagram stories are the most influential and engaging feature of Instagram. It appears on the platform for 24 hours, where a user can share short videos, photos or a series of photos. The feature becomes so popular due to the plenty of options available to make it more attractive and interesting. With over 400 million daily active users, businesses are trying to level-up their stories on Instagram to interact with their users, and to drive maximum traffic to their Insta profile. However, simply sharing a story is not enough to attract users. You need to make it creative, engaging and informative. And it takes a lot of time and energy. Usually, brands hire designers to create brilliant and eye-catchy stories for them, as Insta stories have become an important part of the Instagram Advertising strategy. And if you are one of those who is looking for a graphic designer who can create content for your Instagram story? Then we suggest you stop searching. What about if you can create the Instagram stories by yourself?  Well yes, you can do. There are plenty of apps in the market to create attractive as well as appealing Instagram Stories. Some tools will help in adding effects, and while others allow you to add animations to Stories. In this article, we will share the best Apps for Creating amazing Instagram Stories. And with the help of these tools, you can create amazing Instagram stories free of cost.

1. InShot

The InShot is the most famous and oldest picture and video editor in the market. It is also considered as the best for creating the Instagram story. inshot This app offers you a platform of using the features for creating a beautiful Instagram story. In this editor, you can control the speed of the video, blur, merge or split the picture, can also convert the video and have plenty of filters. Inshot is available on android and IOS.


2. StoryArt

StoryArt is one of the top-rated apps for Instagram stories. The StoryArt is available on App Store with a 4.8/5 rating and on Play Store with a 4.7/5 rating. storyart This app provides you a huge amount of filters and templates. You can edit or create the Instagram story with ease. This editor can only edit or create the images. You can find 200+ templates and 20+ themes for free of cost. The one more thing the templates are updated on a weekly basis.


3. Unfold

Unfold offering you the lots of beautiful and elegant templates for free of cost. You can easily create the Instagram story in a very short time. unfold There is no signup required for using this app. Just download and enjoy editing. Unfold available on both IOS and Android apps stores. In this app, you can find 20+ templates, 60 plus premium templates and it supports both video and picture. Just need to select the file and then further there will be simple editing.


4. Canva

If you are a picture editor then you should know about Canva. It is the best photo editor on the internet. Its desktop version is amazing. canva You can create the awesome Instagram stories with the help of the canvas in just a few minutes and you know attractive stories always gain more views. If you want more views for your story buy Instagram story views here. You can use Canva on Desktop, Android, and IOs for free of cost.


5. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the product of Adobe Inc. This is true Adobe launch their mobile application for late but it is considered in the top photo and video editor in the editing world. adobe-spark This app is famous for its effects, filters, and animations. In photo editing, you can add fonts, sound, animations, and beautiful effects. Adobe Spark is available in Android, Desktop and IOs. It has the stock of millions of pictures you can use for editing purposes.


6. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is also a popular application in the means of creating Instagram stories for free. In this app, you can create a collage of images and videos which means you can merge the two videos in the single frame. photogrid It allows you to add stickers, emoji, filter, audio in the background and amazing effects in the picture or video editing. You can use this application on Android and IOS phones with 300 plus collage templates.


7. Typorama

Typorama is basically famous for providing stylish text designs. If you are searching for the application that can help you in adding the text in extraordinary and beautiful font then you should go for the Typorama that offers 100 plus fonts for free. Typorama You can also design the typography with the help of this app free of cost. Just need to select the image for background and simply write your message. Unfortunately, this app is just available on IOS.


8. Microsoft Hyperlapse

The product of Microsoft that allows you to create the lapse of the video easily and quickly that you can upload on your Instagram story. microsoft-hyperlapseYou can use this app for two purposes, the first is you can create the lapse or you can control the speed of the video. You can increase the speed of the normal video up to 32 times. Just simply import the video from the gallery or you can directly record the video.


9. CutStory

CutStory is just available on the IOS devices. If you are looking for an app that can help you in dividing your large video in the modules of 15 seconds each then you should go for the Cutstory. CutStory Just need to select the video from the gallery then this app will automatically cut the video in the modules of 15 seconds. Don’t you think this app is amazing, you don’t need to split your video manually anymore.


10. 8mm

8mm is also an amazing app, this is basically not an editing tool this is just a camera but not an ordinary one. 8mm appYou can capture the picture or video in retro 8mm fashion. If you want to retro touch in your Instagram story then go for this application. In the new version of 8mm, you can add the effects on existing photos or videos. Unluckily this app available on IOs devices just. 
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