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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Digital Marketing? Hehe!

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Digital Marketing? Hehe!

“Let’s have a change for a change otherwise life will have no change and eventually we will have to change!”  😀

Up till now the all-so-sales-minded people from the digital marketing industry were trying to upload digital marketing wisdom in your brain ending up spamming your brain like never before! This is why I recommend please read this article before you get rid of …I’m sorry… I mean before you read those articles! 😛 Digital marketing can do this; digital marketing can do that, blah…blah…blah! Oh My Gosh! What the heck!! I mean are you not sick and tired of listening/ reading all this… crappp!! So, let me present with 3 robust reasons why you should not do digital marketing for a business:

Reason#1: You are marketing your enemy’s business or you hate the company you are working with!

Trust me! Try hard and act smart in getting the digital marketing venture delayed for at least 1-2 years for the business you are working as avoiding it completely won’t be possible anyway and see how your biggest enemy suffers big time and is ruined forever! Like living in a house without electricity, they will have no brightness with them to even identify as to what to be done next to cope up the situation as like money begets money…at times plethora of failures begets more failures! 🙂

Reason#2: You want people to call you Schizophrenic, for Schizophrenics are believed to have magical powers! 🙂

Yes! I mean if the people will ask you for a reason as to why you are going against the blow of wind! You need to give them a valid reason otherwise they might end up calling you Schizophrenic! But Relax! Schizophrenics are not normal human beings even in the other sense! They are believed to have some heavenly powers and rare insights! 😀 So, looking at the brighter side, chances are, you will become famous overnight! And! I think majority of us die for fame! Hehe! You are gonna do it! Yeahhh!! Trust me!

Reason#3: You are kidding with your life and career, for kidding is an art! 😀

I still can see in the society around! How an awesome prank player with an awesome sense of humor drinks even those cups of tea that never seemed their and others who believed it was their have no options apart from looking at the show that goes on! I mean not everyone can play a prank! So, it’s really a mind-blowing idea to become a super prank player overnight! But, one suggestion, play it well and don’t end up playing a POOR Joke (PJ :P) getting it work negatively for you!


Chillax Folks! God never leaves any prayer unanswered … of course there could be delay! He gave me a dream last night that our fellow marketers are getting troubled with this thing called digital marketing and that I can be a ray of light for them through this article!

The Bottom-Line!

Work With Your Enemy and Stay Relaxed!

Act Schizophrenic and Become Famous Overnight!

Be a Prank Player and Snatch Others Luck!



Let’s have a break! Enough of this digital marketing chaos! 🙂

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hahahahaha…brilliant blog…Highly interesting and sarcastic 😀

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