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How Yes Bank increased leads by 40% via Facebook Marketing?

How Yes Bank increased leads by 40% via Facebook Marketing?

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how one of the leading banks of India used Facebook marketing for generating leads and driving online sales and saw a 40% increase in leads in just 6 months. Company: Yes Bank Industry: Banking Tool Used: Facebook Marketing Result: 40% increase in leads in 6 months Business Type: B2C/ B2B


The Brand & the Story

India’s fifth largest private sector Bank, Yes Bank was founded by Rana Kapoor in 2004. The only Greenfield Bank licence awarded by the RBI in the last two decades, Yes bank is a “Full Service Commercial Bank”, and is renowned for building a Corporate, Retail & SME Banking franchise, Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Branch Banking, Business and Transaction Banking, and Wealth Management business lines across the country. Putting the customer at the centre of its service, the bank aims at becoming the country’s best-quality large bank by 2020 and positioning itself as an optimistic brand. The bank wanted to drive online sales and generate more & more leads for which it turned to Facebook marketing and saw 40% increase in leads in just 6 months.

Generating the quality leads

Yes Bank had realized the fact that its online lead capture form dedicated for its savings account product wasn’t delivering the results they were looking for in terms of scale & efficiency. With an aim to discover more & better quality leads, the bank settled on employing the Facebook marketing.

Words by Rajat Mehta, Senior President – Retail Marketing, YES BANK

“Facebook has been a game-changing platform for YES BANK. It’s given us the ability to reach huge and highly targeted audiences for specific products and services. From a campaigns perspective, we’ve improved the quality of our leads and optimised the cost per lead by using Facebook’s lead ads.”

Running the responsive ads

Lead ads were run by the Yes Bank marketing team for the first time that were responsive in nature and could optimize for mobile automatically. It was made sure that the ads come securely pre-populated with people’s data making it easy for the visitors to complete the form. Context cards were also included in the lead ads and once someone clicked the ad these context cards appeared giving advertisers a place for offering more details on what the visitors are signing up for before asking them to share their contact information. Products used:
  • Adverts
  • Lead adverts
  • Desktop News Feed
  • Mobile News Feed


Banking better leads

Through lead ads Yes Bank could easily target audience compelling them to share details. They could also improve the quality of lead by giving people more information on context cards.

Highlights of the campaign that run between October–December 2015:

  • 15% lower cost per lead
  • 40% increase in leads in 6 months

Words by Gautamm Mehra, VP Social and Display, iProspect India

“We’ve always known that mobile has great potential. The difficulty has always been to find a way to create a great user experience that is fast, secure and seamless. Facebook lead ads deliver just that, and we are elated with the results.”
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