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Top 5 AI Based Writing Software In Education Sector

Top 5 AI Based Writing Software In Education Sector
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the core of modern technology that has spread its wings in the education sector. In one way, it is transforming the way teachers and educational institutions are performing their job. While, on the other side, it is revolutionizing the way students learn. Market Research Engine has said that by 2025 the global AI in the education sector will touch $5.80 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 45%.  So, to help AI reach this mark in the education sector, we have come up with the top five AI-based writing software that has changed the traditional way of writing. Read below and find out which can benefit you the most.

5 AI-Based Writing Software Designed Especially For Education Industry

So, here are the best five AI-based writing software in the education industry listed below. 

With software, educationists, copywriters, and marketers break through writer’s block and write a high-converting copy fast. It has an AI Jarvis feature that can write marketing, emails, Facebook ads, website content, and other online content. It’s easy to use and even an elderly, non-tech person can also use it without putting in much effort. Besides the education sector, most niche industries and products can also use Languages supported in this AI writing software are English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified). The highlighting features of are as follows:
  • Grammar where you can check the grammar, sentence formatting, and tone of your written content. 
  • Formatting where you can check for plagiarism, Style editor, and citation finder for your written content.
  • Content where you can get idea recommendations for your content, form generation, and content generation services.
  • is a standalone application with a plugin.
  • Grammarly Business: 

Grammarly Business provides real-time and detailed suggestions that help improve word choice, make sentences more straightforward, fix grammatical errors, and refine the tone of the content. Be it emails, blogs, articles, or completely different content, Grammarly Business helps produce work reflecting the education sector with utmost professionalism and Polishness. The software has a centralized administrative dashboard through which you can easily track your team’s performance and manage your subscription. Grammarly Business is a standalone application with a browser plug-in to get services, like content and form generation and even idea recommendation. You can get your content’s grammar, sentence formatting, and tonality checked.  You can also generate plagiarism reports, edit your content’s style, and find citations to your content on Grammarly Business. You will also receive a dictionary, sentence rephrasing, and vocabulary recommendations on this software. 
  • Outranking: 

Powered by AI, Outranking is a writing assistant with the benefit of SERP analysis. With this AI writing software, writers will be able to do Essay writing, create briefs, outliners, answer featured snippets, and develop and optimize content for higher search engine ranking. Outranking is a network of a data-driven approach that lets you create content worth ranking in one-third time. Languages supported by this software are Danish, English, Greek, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Dutch. The salient features of Outranking are:
  • Create outliners & conduct SERP analysis.
  • Write & rewrite with advanced AI assistance through SRO best practices and SERP statistics powered by GPT-3.
  • Get your content SEO scored.
  • Get quality instructions, like writing instructions and optimizing instructions that require no prior SEO knowledge.
  • Manage your team effectively.
  • Good integration capabilities with Google Docs, WordPress, and Grammarly.
  • Semrush: 

Semrush is a dominant virtual visibility management software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, a critical solution for all those businesses who want to enhance their online presence.  Semrush offers 50 products, add-ons, and tools throughout its online visibility management, including search, content, data for over 140 countries, seamless integration with Google, task management platforms, and social media & market research. Semrush supports languages, like English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified). If we look at the numbers, Semrush has unique domains over the 200 million mark that are tracked for 142 geodatabases, keywords crossing 20 billion, users more than 7 million, and over 40 trillion backlinks.  Semrush distinctive characteristics are:
  • In Metrics – Sessions, Return, Engagement, and Search Rank.
  • In Keyword Research – Keyword Suggestions, Search Volume, Long-Tail Keywords,
  • In Off-Page SEO – Backlink Monitoring and Link Building.
  • In Rank Tracking – Rank Alerts and SERP Rank Tracking.
  • SEO Reporting – Competitor Analysis, Data Visualization, and Custom Reports.
  • In Tools – Audience Insights.
  • Lightkey: 

Another AI-powered writing software doing wonders in the education sector is Lightkey, a software specializing in real-time predictive typing and grammar & spelling correction and specifically designed to meet the requirements of a PC. It helps in saving approximately 75% of your keystrokes to give a secure and innovative typing experience in about 85 widely used languages. The writing assistance in Lightkey powered by AI natively supports all your favourite Chrome applications and Microsoft Office, viz Whatsapp, MS Word, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, PowerPoint, and more. The software has predicted 470 million keystrokes, saved 442k minutes and is used in 162 countries. The notable features of Lightkey are as follows:
  • Predictive typing in MS Office, MS Word, any applications, any content, and Google Chrome.
  • Software for Professional Typing, DSA, and otherwise able people.
  • AI-Powered text prediction.
  • Multi-Word prediction.
  • Sound Assistance.

The Final Thoughts

The above AI-assisted writing software in the education sector is just the beginning of a tech-run educational world. Schools and Universities have now started testing this software in their daily work routine to see how well AI can contribute to the academic field compared to the traditional approach.  With a matter of time, proper funding, adequate knowledge, and privacy controls, we can agree that an AI for teachers or AI assistance for students is the path to success in the future.       Author Bio:  Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of The Parents Magazine and RSLonline. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Dream and Travel and Tour and Travel Blog  
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