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We know people who are either entrepreneurs or running a business. Since we are more digitized than the generations before us, the marketing paradigm also took a shift. Business owners are spending their budget more on digital marketing instead of the traditional ways.  When the world was having perks of normality, we were going out, buying stuff, and now we are nothing but digital customers. This digital surfing peak has given a tight race to business holders and their webpages. You wish to buy something, open the website, select your desired item, and add it to your cart. From monthly data consumption to online shopping, the numbers have been increasing rapidly every day.  Besides fulfilling their customer’s demands, the foremost challenge every business is facing right now is of search engine ranking. Once you are into the digital marketing of your business, be sure to know the tactics and tools important in this domain. Search engine optimization ranking is an essential tool in deciding the course of action of your popularity and success. You can take a hit to the bottom, or you can pace up to the top search, both ways the traffic on your website is going to be affected. For maintaining traffic on the site, the quality content, productive, mobile-friendliness, and accessible navigation site-level your field.  Businesses have SEO teams for this purpose that shoulders the responsibility of a reasonable web page ranking. It is usual for us to hesitate multiple times before ordering at a site we have not used before. We only make purchases from the website we trust, we scale it by the content they have posted, or through testimonials and reviews.  In 2014, Google introduced an algorithm to its guidelines, known as E.A.T, which stands for expertise, authority, and trust. As per Google’s guidelines, this is a framework that helps quality reviewers to assess the efficiency of any page in responding to the user’s query and providing solutions. People believe that they can up their site’s rank by meeting the E.A.T. score, but in reality, no E.A.T. score decides the ranking. UNDERSTANDING E.A.T We know that every website must sustain its ranking in the top tier, along with its reliability and trustworthiness. These three factors of E.A.T might have a direct effect on your ranking. It does affect the ranking, but indirectly. Google uses a variety of signals as a proxy to check the efficacy of E.A.T.  Marketers and content creators started to generate content to enhance their ranking games. It was not wrong to do so, but in the process, they diverted the focus onto Google instead of fulfilling user-end needs. This Google focused approach was proving to be beneficial for the owners, but at the user end, it was unable to satisfy their queries. With the latest update on the E.A.T. algorithm, it has a more user-centered approach.  Expertise in E.A.T refers to expert knowledge or skill. A certified medical professional will generate flawless content. Competence gets gauged by the originality knowledge imparted through the written context. A material is authentic or reliable if the author’s information is provided at the beginning or end of the content. When it comes to the authoritativeness of the E.A.T, Google measures it through backlinks and mentions incorporated in a material. These backlinks and mentions serve as a vote in your favor for being an authentic source of information. Reviews you get about your service can build trustworthiness  If you want to improve your website E.A.T, try to be as genuine and authentic as you can while sticking to the user-end side.  There is no proper way to measure the E.A.T, but reading Google guidelines can help you improve your traffic. 
  • A good Byline Will you prefer to read a book without knowing its author? Even if you read it, you will always be curious to know so that you can read more of his or her work. Similarly, when we read a blog or web content, we do look at the byline that holds the author’s name and form our opinion about it.  Bylines are more critical by SEO teams now than ever before. It is one of the easy ways to add an authentic touch by demonstrating your expertise to build trust among readers who are going to visit your site through the search engine. People take only a split second to decide whether they have landed on a trustworthy page or not. A byline must have the name of the author, date published, or last updated. These factors build rapport. 
  • A good author’s page Every site has content authors. Just like we search about the author of any book, a person visiting your website frequently shall have easy access to the author’s page for further information. If your site is dealing in multiple domains like marketing, SEO content, you will need authors, each with expertise in the relevant area. An author’s page is different from that of your site’s byline. A writer’s page is perfect for portraying the skill of him or her. Linking the author’s social media to your author’s page increases the trust and reliability among readers that the content is not bot uploaded. Your author’s page is a small peep in the window towards the author’s education, skills, and knowledge. It will not appear something shady on your website, thus more traffic influx. 
  • Highlighting Strength We all need to convince people on why they should trust or listen to us. Having a well versed and convincing overview of your website will make it easy for people to sort out what they want. The website about the page will build the right image if it conveys the information of who created it and who is responsible for content. Your page overview shall give a clear insight into your expertise and authority on the subject you are covering. A reliable overview can help you boost the trust aspect of your page. You can link your customer’s testimonials and video interviews of other expertise that highlights the performance of your page. The overview of your page shall be like the D.N.A. of your website, which highlights your strength, services, and distinctive features that are known to others.  
  • Authoritative references The reason we are finding ways to improve the website is to hit the upper bar of ranking. If you are having a perfect display of expertise and trust on your page, but you lack the authority factor, your ranking will go down the rail. If you are writing about something scientific, it is always better to back up your statement with a reference. Citing references and linking them to your material, makes it look more trustworthy and authentic to readers. Always ensure that whatever references you are quoting in your text must be relevant. A statement that has multiple shreds of evidence supporting it will be counted more authentic and genuine over a statement that we have not read before anywhere. 
  • Choose high-authority domains Imagine you are reading a beauty blog, and when you click on its backlink, it leads you to the cooking site. You are surely going to feel awkward about what just happened. Part A of E.A.T is mainly composed of backlinks. The quality of your page is more dependent on the relevant high authority domains incorporated as backlinks in your content. While mentioning the backlinks, it is essential to consider the ranking and E.A.T of those domains. If your backlinks are low in the SEO ranking, it will ultimately affect your site’s ranking too. There is no easy way to find high authority natural links; that is why the authority factor plays a vital role in ranking. Secondary links or sources serve as proof that whatever the content is, it has been acknowledged by many other authors as well. 
Conclusion Our lives have more digital touch and outlook than before since we decided to stay home—the competition between brands for their SEO and E.A.T ranking has gone too high. Webpage teams are continually working and updating their layout to stay ahead of the curve and pave its way in top ranks.  The efforts to be in the 1st tier of ranking add value to a business. It generates not only traffic, but it also yields good conversions to the site. While keeping our pace lined up with all the guidelines for better output and revenue through our web pages, it is essential to ensure all factors of E.A.T. The content that we are sharing with our readers shall not give them an impression of a childish tone. Expert content has a different pitch and delivery of thoughts. Supporting whatever you are stating with a proper referenced source will add to the authentication of your site and content both. Building your page rapport and becoming an authority is not an overnight task; it requires consistency and regular reviews for the improvisations to keep the traffic influx intact.
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