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“With the changing Marketing trends, I decided to swift my Marketing skills with online marketing training”- Divey Yadav

“With the changing Marketing trends, I decided to swift my Marketing skills with online marketing training”- Divey Yadav
Hi Readers! Meet Digiperformer Divey Yadavan MBA graduate from JIIT (Noida) and working as a Digital Marketing Manager at India Stem Foundation. It’s been only 2 months since he had completed his dCDMC training at Digiperform and currently handling an online marketing team at his organization. In a chit-chat session, he shared how Digiperform’s advanced digital marketing training program helped him to understand the importance of Digital Marketing for branding and marketing. Have a look!

Digiperform: Hi Divey! It’s a pleasure to get connect with you! Before heading further, we would like to know a bit about your & your earlier experiences.

Divey: Hi, I am a seasoned marketing professional with experience in the area of marketing, brand communication, strategy, planning, and management with a core focus on digital. I have worked in the marketing department at various levels in different industries before joining dCDMC training at Digiperform.

Digiperform: What exactly / originally attracted you to choose digital marketing as your career?

Divey: The boom of internet services in the country lead to a paradigm shift the way traditional marketing was done. The Internet and smart gadgets have made their presence felt to the common man and are being adopted by everyone. I felt a dire need to update my skills and stay updated with the marketing trends, to get the know-how of Internet marketing which brought me to this domain and of course to Digiperform.

Digiperform:  Why did you choose Digiperform over others? What is the one thing that makes us stand out from the competition?

Divey: The faculty has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. The classes are practical and engaging. They provide apt course material with a focus on hands-on learning.

Digiperform: Tell us about your favorite experience you have had, whether as a learner or as a customer?

Divey: While classroom learning, all the queries were resolved smoothly. The course had an option of backup classes as well which is best especially in the case of working professionals.

Digiperform: Would you consider Digiperform as a trusted & reliable resource for Digital marketing training? Why?

Divey: As the name suggests, Digiperform is one of the best performing institutes in the field of digital marketing with excellent faculty and well-designed course material with a focus on practical knowledge.  The trainers put their heart and soul to deliver the best. The course was completed in due time as well.

Digiperform: If you were to review our training program, what score would you give it out of 10?

Divey: I had a great experience at Digiperform. So, I would rate – 8 out of 10.

Digiperform: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Divey: I see myself Heading the Digital Marketing department of an organization.

Digiperform: If you had a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what it be?

Divey: Digital Knowledge is the need of the hour. Go for it and get Skilled.

Digiperform: Finally, Describe Digiperform in one line.

Divey: The best digital marketing institute. Thanks, Divey for choosing Digiperform. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors.
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