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10 Important Tactics to Use When Performing Manual Link Building

10 Important Tactics to Use When Performing Manual Link Building

When making backlinks and performing link building to boost your business site’s SEO, knowing how to optimally approach the task is essential. Without the right knowledge, doing so can become a highly intimidating and demanding task.

Educating yourself on this issue is the best way to ensure your website has an extremely large online presence, which will then boost your SEO. To get you started, here are 10 important tactics to use when performing manual link building:

1. Ask People for Backlinks

If you do not ask people to backlink to your site, you’re approaching SEO completely incorrectly. Not only can this benefit you, but it can help you build relationships with these sites. Offer to post backlinks for them as well, and your chances will increase. Ask for links that are in the content, and seek out sites that are relevant to your business’s offerings. 

2. List Your Site in Quality Directories

Directories are still widely used on the internet. When people are looking for a specific product or service, they often seek out directories that list relevant businesses. Look for local directories, and other wider-scoped directories, and begin placing your business’s site on them, and you will create useful, SEO-building backlinks quickly.

If you’re not taking advantage of directories, you are making a serious SEO mistake

3. Guest Posts

Bloggers are not always on top of their next article idea. If you can find a blog that discusses topics relevant to your business, you can write guest posts for them that will then drive qualified customers to your website through backlinks.

Just ensure the site is relevant to your business, that the article is not written as a visible soft-sell for your business, and that the content is amazingly written, and you’ll be good to go. 

4. Start Turning Your Mentions Into Backlinks

You need to know when to best leverage your existing opportunities. Other people have likely mentioned or discussed your business online, after all. By reaching out to the webmaster or site creator where this is occurring, you may get them to add backlinks to the content mentioning your website.

Doing so is a great way to cleverly boost the number of backlinks that are boosting your SEO. 

5. Begin a Blog

Blogs are perfect for creating content that will reel readers into topics that are relevant to your business. Placing the right keywords in these blog posts, and then backlinking through them, will boost your website’s traffic significantly.

As long as your content is useful, specific, and well-written, it will do wonders for boosting your business’s authority within your industry. 

6. Search Out Backlink You Have in Common with Your Competitors

While researching your competitors, you may find that they have similar links they’re making use of. Using online tools that can help you analyze the backlinks of your competitors is the key here. Using manual link building services can be especially useful, so be sure to seriously consider it. 

7. Repairing Dead Backlinks

Sometimes links are broken, or websites become dysfunctional. Searching out your existing backlinks, and making sure they are active is crucial. There are online tools that will help you do just this. With the right amount of time put into this task, you’ll optimize your backlinks in a major way. 

8. Write Testimonials

Testimonials will help you emphasize your connection to your local community. Write testimonials for products or services you’ve recently loved, and you’ll help link people back to your site. If a product or service is especially related to your business, the testimonial effort will be much more likely to lead to increased online visibility and SEO. 

9. Always Build Relationships

Despite what business you might be in, networking and connecting with others is crucial to your success. This will allow you to reach out to others in a much more effective fashion.

Begin your search with niche communities related to your business, and continue looking for other valuable relationships that will help boost the visibility of your business (often through backlinks). 

10. Seek Out the Best Link Building Opportunities Possible

Whether it be site links, blogs, forums, or directories, they’re are always backlink opportunities out there for you to seek out. To use the rest of these tips effectively, this mindset is an absolute necessity. Use research tools, hard work ethic, and dedication to nail your search. 

Optimize Your Efforts

With these ten tactics, you’ll be fully prepared to make your site’s SEO completely optimized. Link building, backlinks, and other SEO boosting tactics, your business will be more visible online than ever before. The process can seem intimidating, but many businesses hire SEO experts to get the job done. 

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