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10 Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

10 Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

In the past, billboards, print adverts, and in-store competitions were the best way to generate business. However, the emergence of social media and digital marketing has made it easier to reach a wider customer base without having to leave your office.

Marketing in the digital age has become more complex since you are now navigating through digitally determined algorithms driven to block your content from appearing to potential customers.

If you are looking to spruce up your marketing campaign in 2020, here are ten content marketing trends you just can’t ignore.

10 Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Social network e-commerce

One of the latest marketing trends to be offered this year sees Facebook and Instagram opening up as e-commerce platforms. Rather than providing a platform for customers and potential customers to learn about your brand and products, they will be able to purchase your products directly through these channels.

By making use of Facebook Marketplace and posts that will be directly shoppable, businesses no longer have to find ways to integrate their social media into their e-commerce platform. While this system still lacks the seamlessness of an e-commerce store, the constant and continuous development will soon see it rising in popularity.

Sustainability and authenticity

Another essential aspect of successful marketing is appealing to the younger market through sustainability and authenticity. By marketing authentic products in an authentic way, you are more likely to draw in a younger audience. Younger customers tend to be more interested in innovation and will be more likely to try a product they have never seen before.

However, authenticity isn’t enough. Younger audiences are hyper-aware of the current climate crisis and are unlikely to support a business that doesn’t support the environment. Ensuring your products are ethically sourced and sustainable to the environment might be essential in acquiring a younger customer base.

AR enhances the experience

Augmented reality and virtual reality have developed significantly in recent years. Going from some basic phone apps to running entire gaming platforms, the future is still seeing what these technologies can do.

Since the modern shopper is more likely to shop online rather than in a store, the ability to see how something looks on you becomes minimized. As a result, businesses are allowing customers the opportunity to “try on” items before purchase. This has even expanded to household items through the use of the phone’s camera system.

Targeted voice-activated marketing

Many times, people will talk about something and then be amazed that adverts for a related product show up on their timelines or search engine pages. Your devices are always listening to improve your user experience and gather data.

While many people might feel this is an unnecessary invasion of privacy, optimizing your marketing campaign to include voice-activated searches could generate more traffic and customer turnover. Customers then no longer need to search for what they want when it appears automatically, and this might appeal to their immediate needs.

Purposeful content creation

Essential to effective content marketing is purposeful content creation. Creating a video or advert that is entertaining is no longer enough when drawing in customers. Advertising, in any form, needs to be purposeful and relevant. By assessing the business’s target audience, you are better able to produce meaningful content that will draw customers in.

Customers need to feel included, and only through addressing their needs and desires can you include the customer. While there are always going to be outliers, satisfying the majority can increase turnover and customer retention.

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Video adverts

While images and photos can draw their attention, it may not provide enough interest or information to engage the viewer. Similarly, too much text on an advert will not interest the consumer.

One of the best ways to advertise to the modern consumer is through video adverts. The adverts need to be interesting and catchy enough to engage a customer, but not so long that they lose interest. Besides, the adverts need to contain sufficient information to convince them your product is better than others. They are not likely to read any information that appears on the screen, so keep text to a minimum.


In 2018, Instagram saw the rise of Instagram influencers and bloggers. Getting paid to promote a product has become a viable career choice in 2020. While many Instagram models and influencers get paid for the content they promote, it is a highly competitive market and people vying for success will often look for handouts.

Even if your business is not in a position to give away freebies, investing in an influencer to help your marketing campaign could be beneficial. Choosing an influencer whose ideologies align with that of your business could see your product reaching the target audience faster, and an increased return on investment.

Customer interaction

Marketing has moved away from the static advert and into an age of conversation. Customers no longer just see an advert and move along. Rather, they tend to interact with the information more than ever before. Whether through comments on a post or chatbots, consumers use the online space as a means of communicating with brands.

Successful marketing strategies will prioritize customer interaction. Even if the questions are mundane or repetitive, responding to the customer helps them feel valued and cared for. When a business ignores a customer’s interaction, they are likely to lose the customer because the customer feels like they don’t matter.

Beyond the advert

Content marketing has become far more than just the advert. Modern society is hungry for information, and they are more likely to support and trust a brand that reflects their beliefs. When you are marketing your business, you need to consider blogs and other writing-focused content as well.

While many people have lost interest in reading, drawing in their attention by writing about topics that matter to them will help gain their support. Including links to products you provide that can help them deal with the issues in the topic can drive your sales.

Omni-channel marketing

Different platforms have different trends and experiences. One of the most important content marketing trends is omnichannel marketing. This means providing adverts and marketing strategies tailored to each platform you use.

While your message is the same, the delivery needs to change for each platform. Using a “one size fits all” strategy can result in customers feeling that they are not important. As a result, it is necessary to change your content for each platform so that it fits with the platform’s culture and trends. Consumers will feel more comfortable, and the content will look as though it is placed where it belongs.


Creating a successful marketing strategy for 2020 has become more complicated. While you may have always considered the customer to be at the center of your marketing campaign, it is now more important to include them as well. It is also essential to customize all your adverts to fit the culture of each platform individually.

In addition, gaining consumer trust by addressing issues that are important to them can expand and retain your customer base. Finally, implementing modern technology like AR and VR, to optimizing for voice search, giving your business the best advantage through a marketing campaign can boost sales significantly.

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