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Content Marketer Resume with Template

Content Marketer Resume with Template
A content Marketer has to be master of many disciplines, he/she needs to be well aware of everything that’s in the status quo. In simple terms, a Content Marketer can be given any topic to work on and he/she has to plan, create and share good quality content for their organization. That content then goes to the organizations’ platforms and is used to attract customers. The type of content a marketer has to plan depends on the organization and services and products offered by it. His/her job is to plan, create A content marketer is responsible for the planning, creating, and sharing of valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content the content marketer shares depends upon what he sells. In other words, he educates people so that they know, like, and trust him enough to do business with him. The constant evolution of digital marketing and the introduction of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence have raised customer expectations. All these factors add on to a highly detailed and personalized experience of the customer, that in return creates more job opportunities. One of many creative job opportunities is that of a Content Marketer. A content marketing pro should not only know the nuts and bolts of writing but also write in such a way that it entices the consumer to be a regular customer. The job opportunities are many in this field, however, the irony here is that many people do not know how to sell their skills through their resume. The resume must shine out from hundreds of other aspiring candidates. Often people do not understand how a well written and set resume can help them grab the opportunity for a dream job. It is crucial to understand that your resume is like your lifetime achievement certificate that decides how your future life is going to be. Put Yourself in Shoes of the Recruiter Once you have this thought in your mind, you will be able to meet their expectations and create a better resume. Create a Strategy for your Resume: To start with, strategize your resume the way you strategize your content. Before writing content, you look into the requirements, what product or service you’re trying to market. Research well, plan and then execute. Similarly, scan every job profile, its requirements and company background, so that you can curate a resume that fits right into the job description. Before you start writing one, think of all the important elements that you have to put in it according to the job description provided by the employer. Always remember that you might need to edit and omit your resume for every job vacancy. Similar to that of a content marketing strategy, you must create a resume building strategy as well. Once you have figured what goes where you are ready to start typing. Some questions that can help you write a zip all resume are:
  • Is the job purely in inbound marketing, or will it require both traditional and digital work?
  • Will you be a specialist or a generalist?
  • Who is the employer — an agency with a buzzing digital marketing team in place already, or a small company looking to leverage the power of social media to grow their sales?
  • Or it’s a marketing department within a large and established corporation?
Some common information to include in a resume- One needs to begin with the first and the most important segment of a resume- Name and Contact Information: The information included in this particular segment is very precise- refer to our article on Social Media Specialist Resume Example and guide. Portray Some Specific Strength We all agree that each one of us possesses one specific skill that we master. Ensure that you revolve your resume around that one skill or specialization. The employer should be able to see your biggest strength with clarity, why it is your biggest strength and what have you achieved with that skill. You should be able to demonstrate your achievements in your professional career with that strength. It would support your strengths and act as proof of what you are capable of delivering. Not everyone knows how to portray your strengths, it’s the sign of the winners and your recruiters are looking to recruit winners. Add numbers and figures Everyone loves talking about achievements in their resume, but a hiring manager looks for numbers, facts, and figures. You need to show hard evidence of what you have achieved, take a look at your past work experience and see how you can quantify that. This way, your resume would become the document that showcases what you are capable of and your employers would not have to spend time and techniques on assessing that during your interview. Examples of stats that one can include in a resume:
  • Growth in site traffic thanks to your work on SEO or social media campaigns
  • Growth in email subscribers or increases in email open rates
  • Conversion rate improvements through landing page optimization or other tests
  • Reduction in cost per action or cost per acquisition
Choose a good format and template: Be very careful while choosing colors and formats. You need to consider the color combination, how they appear to eyes. Remember that the hiring manager would first look at the template and format, they get to see so many resumes every day that after a point it gets boring for them. Some design elements that can help you stand out from the other marketing resume are:
  • Use of color – Do not overdo with colors: the main text of the resume should be black. But in the marketing world, a little color (keep it refined!) is better than strict black and white throughout.
  • Use of fonts – Different fonts for headings and body text improve readability and the overall look of your resume. But again, do not go overboard with fancy fonts.
Make your Content Skimmable  Considering you are a Content Marketer, it is understood that you write well and you know your way around content. You already know how to present content in such an attractive way that it catches the attention of the right audience. Now, it is time to use that skill for your resume. Write a skimmable resume that stands out from the clutter. Use bullet points, keywords that are mentioned in the job description. Be precise; do not write stories about your previous work experience. A good sorted resume is a way to go for getting an interview call. Have a Separate Skill Section Mention all the skills you possess in this section but keep in mind that skills like knowledge of Microsoft Office are pretty much a bare-minimum skill for any marketing job, so think bigger. Some skills that you can mention are: Any broad or channel-specific marketing skills you have, such as PPC, content marketing, lead nurturing, public speaking, video editing, web design, mobile marketing, data visualization, etc. List all the tools/software that you use to accomplish the above techniques (SEO tools, PPC platforms, and third-party software, email marketing platforms, video or design tools, etc.). Adding some samples/links of your previous work is also a good option. For section like Career Summary, Education, Certifications, Hobbies and other, refer to List all the tools/software that you use to accomplish the above techniques (SEO tools, PPC platforms, and third-party software, email marketing platforms, video or design tools, etc.).


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