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4 Essential Rules of Writing Best SEO Content

4 Essential Rules of Writing Best SEO Content
Is SEO content writing still a relevant marketing strategy in 2020? Short answer: YES. Some marketers are questioning the relevance of SEO writing today, mainly because of the algorithm changes. Search engines constantly upgrade their way of functioning. However, that doesn’t make search engine optimization any less important. It only means that you have to update your strategies, too. For as long as people keep using Google, we’ll keep finding ways to get SEO content listed on the first page of results. Are you at the very beginning of your SEO journey? You have a lot to learn. Let’s start with the main principles of proper content writing that can get your pages ranked well. Also Refer: Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi 

4 Essential Rules of Writing Best SEO Content

  1. Maintain a Data-Driven Approach

Writing amazing content is not just about improving your writing skills. It’s about research, too. Let’s say you’re selling a skincare product based on hyaluronic acid. Is it enough to say that this ingredient will improve one’s complexion? No! Every other skincare product on the market comes with an identical claim. How exactly is your product different? You have to present the facts. You can extract facts from research studies, which are easily available online. You can also conduct your own surveys and compare the results before and after people using your products. When you write content, it shouldn’t be based on unsustainable claims. That kind of marketing doesn’t work for today’s audience. They will look into the information you provide, and they will double-check it before they trust you. What does this have to do with search engines? Google will respect your content if it leads to reputable websites. When people read and share your content because it contains valid arguments, your reputation increases in Google’s eyes, too. Collect data and use it well in your content!
  1. Make the Content Readable

“Choose the right keywords and use them in the content.” For many years, that was the main rule that digital marketers followed. Things have changed. The search engines changed. Grammar, readability, and logical flow are important factors for search engine rankings. You can entrust this Writix essay writing service with your content, so professional editors will fix all flaws in it. Length of the content is also an important factor that is why it is beneficial to use an online character counter that can help you keep track of the words and characters you used in a text. Keyword-stuffed content no longer works. Yes; you’ll still use keywords. However, context is more important. Forget about those keywords that don’t make sense in terms of grammar and spelling. People may make those mistakes when they search for information. But if you make them in your content, it will be obvious that you’re writing for the search engine.
  1. Pay Tons of Attention to the Headlines

SEO content writers make a few mistakes with their headlines:
  • They write clickbait, thinking they would drive more traffic with them
  • They copy headlines from their competitors or they slightly adjust them
  • They write blunt headlines that don’t promise any solutions
We need to start paying more attention to the headlines we write. In many cases, they are detrimental to the successful performance of the article. A survey found that the headline is the only thing that most people read. They think they are already informed by reading it. If it doesn’t lead them to the actual content, it’s a failure. Remember: you want people to visit your website. That’s the whole point of search engine optimization. Your headline should not be clickbait, but it has to be intriguing. It should be unique when compared to competitive headlines, and it has to promise a solution that the audience will get through your content.
  1. The Meta Description Is Important, Too

If someone sees your article in the search engine results, they will want to see condensed information before visiting the page. The meta description gives you space to provide such information. What is this content about? Answer that question in the meta description, and keep it below 160 characters (spaces included). You’ll Get Better with Practice SEO might be the most misunderstood concept in the world of digital marketing. Writers focus on keywords too much, forgetting that the actual reader always comes first. When the readers are happy with your content, the search engine will understand. It’s smarter than most of us assume. It’s not easy to become a master in SEO writing. However, your experience will teach you tons. You’ll learn through trial and error. Start by implementing the main rules that we listed above. When you get those elements right, there’s not much that can go wrong. BIO: Joshua Robinson is a freelance writer, who’s currently working on his first nonfiction book. Digital marketing is his main focus. Joshua loves sharing his experience through blog posts, trying to inspire writers to get better through practice.
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