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4 Ways A Web Hosting Can Impact Your SEO Rankings

4 Ways A Web Hosting Can Impact Your SEO Rankings
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential aspect of a website that represents your need, and you would want to be at the top of your game at all times possible. It requires an extraordinary amount of hard work and time to function optimally, but the actual devil lies in the detailing you do. The algorithm can be as secretive as possible, but the execution is all that matters.  Also Check:  Digital Marketing Course in Delhi 

4 Ways A Web Hosting Can Impact Your SEO Rankings

One of the most critical factors that can affect your SEO ranking is the web hosting company which you choose to host your website, and it can be a deal-breaker. Therefore, the decision of choosing your web host must be a well-thought one. There are some options that are available to you, giving you the luxury of looking through their websites and reviews thoroughly and making your choice.  Web hosting should comply with the ideologies of your website. If you feel it is not able to match up to the standards you expect from it, like the servers being down for a long time and one server hosting too many websites, you can always opt to change or switch, which in itself is a straightforward procedure.  Make sure you make the payment to the company on a monthly or quarterly basis so that you can make the switch hassle-free if the need arises. Poor web hosting positively affects your position in search engines, and you would want your website to be on the top. Therefore, it is a necessary investment which you need to make to make sure that there are no hiccups on the way. If specific factors had to be elaborated that determines whether your web hosting is in any way affecting your SEO ranking, a list would generally look like the following-


Downtime can be primarily defined as the period during which search engines cannot access your website because of some issues with the server that hosts it. The spiders of search engines may be visiting your site quite regularly. Whenever someone types in the keyword specified to redirect you to your website, and if it, unfortunately, lies during the period of downtime and inaccessibility, it gets recorded in the global data, and they move on to the next best site available.  If this event is repeated quite often, your website might get flagged by the search engines as an unreliable one, and they might downgrade your ranking. Eventually, search engines won’t display unreliable sites as it affects their reputation and reflects poorly on them. Though having downtime is undoubtedly unavoidable, the amount of time it is under this influence is what matters the most.  A 99% uptime means a 7-hour downtime a month, which is a considerable period. Anything around 0.01% downtime a month is acceptable. A well-maintained web hosting service like Blue Host strives to achieve just that. Therefore, make sure you keep yourself updated about the problems of downtime that the server of your web hosting faces and if you feel that it is something that is affecting your propaganda, you should immediately look to switch.

Site speed

This is basically the speed with which the pages of your site loads when someone clicks on it. Looking at it from a very layman perspective, any user will not prefer a place that takes a lot of time to display its content, and the search engine spiders are programmed in such a way that it caters to the need of the users. Web hosting may be one of the several factors responsible for the slow speed of loading your site. Therefore, it is something that must be given the necessary attention.  One thing that is utterly important is not to shift the blame entirely onto the web hosting company too soon, and sometimes the slowness may be attributed to the configuration and the design of the code of the website. Only after you are completely satisfied that there are no technical difficulties that are causing this issue, you could ask your web hosting to change their server to a lesser busy one, as a server hosting too many sites may also face these problems. Only after you have pinpointed this problem as the most significant one, you should take it up with the web hosting company.


One more trick that the search engines follow is to display websites that are hosted by companies located in a particular location that a user is looking for. For example, if someone is looking for a product or a facility in the United Kingdom, the first search options will be related to that area itself.  The location can be tracked easily by the IP address of the server from which the search is being made, and the results are displayed accordingly so that it adds more credibility to the search. Therefore, if you want to cater to the needs of customers from a particular area, make sure you host it by a company from that area itself for the best search results.


Trust is an aspect of utmost importance between a customer and a provider and in order to strengthen that trust so that the user feels secure while browsing through your website and checking out any brand that you are hosting, make sure you have the SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) certificate or HTTPS ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol with Secure Socket Layer ) attached to your website to make it safer.  Some web hosting companies offer SSL free of cost along with the support and a number of options, and if you are not very confident about the technical aspects of it, you might well leave it on the company to do all the necessary configurations for you. Even search engines prefer this arrangement as they strive to provide the best services to the customers and once it is laden with adequate security, it will only get better.  After looking at the points mentioned above, one can safely assume the responsibility that a web hosting company holds in projecting a website responsibly which is a determining factor in the SEO ranking the site holds, making it more accessible for the appropriate audience. Thus, to expand your base of the visibility of your website, make sure you put in the best efforts to choose the best web hosting company suiting your requirements. Conclusion  I hope the article, 4 Ways A Web Hosting Can Impact Your SEO Rankings will really help you to provide detailed information on why choosing good Web Hosting is the most essential factor that can impact your SEO rankings.
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