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5 Easy Ways to Curate Content For E-A-T in Google

5 Easy Ways to Curate Content For E-A-T in Google
E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness and is Google’s simple way of telling marketers what they can do to improve their rankings. By increasing these three things, websites can rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Luckily, EAT is easy to accomplish using quality content. If you don’t have the time or money to spend on constantly generating content you can instead curate it yourself.  Curating content is collecting engaging content related to your specific niche and industry and is targeted toward a specific audience. That content is then enhanced by adding your own expertise or your own spin on the content that’s already created. This delivers value to your target audience.  Instead of simply reposting someone else’s words, businesses can interpret the content they’ve curated and offer more insight and make it more personalized for their audience.  Benefits of content curation include building trust and credibility, increasing brand awareness, building brand loyalty, and keeping your Facebook content fresh. 

Easy Ways to Curate Content For E-A-T in Google

Any marketing strategy can benefit from content curation because it’s easy, simple to do, and requires only your time. Here’s how you can curate content to rank higher in Google SERPs. 

1. Curate Images and Video 

Image and video curation and sharing are easy to do thanks to the help of social media platforms like Pinterest. With a Pinterest account, you can set up pinboards that can help your brand tell its story. You can curate images from across the web and repin from other users to enable your audience to experience the visual side of your brand.  When using Pinterest, it’s always important to be authentic and communicate your brand story visually. It’s also important to publish fresh and pinnable content. You can add a Pin It button to your website and make it easy for people to pin content from your website directly on their own Pinterest boards. Not only does this help increase your brand awareness, but it’s also a form of engagement with your audience and potential customers, which increases overall trust. 

2. Curated Content for Email Marketing 

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from email marketing, but content curation can take your email marketing strategy to the next level. Email newsletters provide an opportunity for you to curate and share useful content with your audience, along with any deals you offer if you sell products online. You can curate your own blog or website content or content from other sources and use it in your email campaigns.  For example, if you are a B2B business that sells air conditioners, you can provide content from your own blog or from another source about the benefits of owning an air conditioner to your email subscribers. This content can help you amp up your email marketing strategy by providing more information about the products they’re interested in. 

3. Curate Online Magazines

There are tons of available free content curation tools that make it easy for you to find articles from online publications related to your industry for you to curate. Make sure that you only curate content that your audience will find valuable.  Tools such as Storify and makes it easy for you to find and select content to curate in your own online publication. From there, you can share your content directly on your social media pages. 

4. Curate on Your Blog 

You can curate content directly on your business blog. Most top blogs curate content on some level and publish posts about that curated content as well. For example, if you have blogs about acid reflux, you may choose to find bloggers in your niche that also blog about acid reflux. Then, you can curate their content on your blog along with a post of your own that directly relates to the curated content.  Your post can include additional commentary or an expert analysis to add even more value to the original blog. Amping up your blog with curated content can help boost your SEO strategy, helping you rank higher in SERPs. To find content to curate, you can use Google Alerts and set up an alert for the keywords related to your business. 

5. Curate on Social Media

While you may be curating only on Pinterest, make sure that you curate other places as well, such as Facebook since it makes content curation easy. All you have to do is find an article to share, share it on your Facebook page, and write a description that emphasizes your unique opinion or expertise on the topic.  You can also tag the original source of the article so that you can attempt to bring some of their Facebook traffic to your Facebook to increase brand awareness while amplifying your social media strategy.  It’s important to note that while curated content can beef up your social media strategy, you should also post some of your original content to show people that you’re not just sharing content from around the internet. This is your opportunity to have unique thoughts about the industry that will bring people to your website and indirectly improve your rankings. 

Final Thoughts

If you’ve chosen a content curation strategy to help boost your digital marketing efforts, make sure that you stay consistent with curated content and only curate quality content. While you can find content on any subject just about anywhere, you should only curate content that’s written by industry experts or professionals who know a lot about a niche. You can also choose widely-known sources like the New York Times. Always make sure to give credit to the original author and publication since you’ll be sharing their work in another place.  When deciding what to curate, you may have tons of content available. However, make sure to review the source and make sure that it’s appropriate for your brand or business. As you begin to see results from your content curation strategy, you might need to hire someone to handle the process for you. This is especially true if content curation is helping boost your social media presence.  Keep track of your performance to see how well your curated content performs and readjust your strategy as necessary to ensure that you know which type of content performs well and keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.     
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