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6 Ideas for Adding Video to Your Email Marketing Strategy

6 Ideas for Adding Video to Your Email Marketing Strategy
In this article, We’ll talk about the 6 Ideas for Adding Video to Your Email Marketing Strategy. Email marketing is an incredibly lucrative channel, producing an impressive return on investment of up to 3800%. With that said, most consumers already receive numerous marketing emails every day, so brands need to do more than ever to differentiate their content from the competition. But what is the best way to stand out from the crowd? Well, although the video isn’t necessarily the best fit for every email, it can be a great way to spice up your marketing and get readers more interested in your messages. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most effective methods for adding engaging video content to your email marketing campaigns.

6 Ideas for Adding Video to Your Email Marketing Strategy


1. Add video to your landing page

A video is a powerful form of content, but adding video content directly to an email could get your message caught by spam filters. Instead, it’s usually better to let recipients click through to another page where they can watch the video outside their email client. Dedicated landing pages are the perfect way to welcome users to your site once they click through from a promotional email. You can also add a video thumbnail to the body of the email in order to give customers an idea of what they’ll see after clicking on the link.

2. Create sales videos

Unsurprisingly, marketing emails and other promotional content are typically handled by marketing teams. With that said, sales teams can also play an important role in these messages through sales-focused videos that allow your brand to communicate a quick pitch over email. In general, aligning your marketing and sales teams will help your organization develop more cohesive messaging that’s more likely to resonate with your audience across all the sales funnel. With contemporary hardware and video software, it will only take a few minutes for your sales staff to record a persuasive video that will fit perfectly in your next email promotion. A strong sales video could involve both screen recordings and webcam recordings along with animations, sketches, or other materials are shown on screen. While these videos should involve collaboration between departments, remember that your sales team offers a unique perspective, and their creative input should be visible in the final product.

3. Take advantage of upselling opportunities

It’s obviously important to consistently bring new leads into your brand’s ecosystem, but it’s even more critical to maximize the value of the customers you already have. Existing customers are far more likely to convert in the future than new leads who haven’t made an order in the past. To calculate the potential your new leads will bring to your business it’s worth trying lead scoring. With that in mind, upselling and cross-selling are vital tools for any digital marketer in 2021. Video is a particularly robust option when you’re targeting existing customers since this group is especially likely to click on an email and watch the entire video. Of course, choosing the right upselling and cross-selling opportunities to capitalize on depends on your audience’s unique characteristics. Analyzing customer behavior will help you to identify the products that particular segments are more likely to be interested in based on their lifetime order history. Rather than sending the same messages to everyone on your list, this strategy will help you target emails more narrowly and set them to send in response to particular triggers. The benefits of automated emails include everything from higher open and click-through rates to fewer unsubscribes and a lower bounce rate.

4. Include GIFs in emails

Adding videos to emails runs the risk of decreasing your email deliverability, but GIFs are perfectly suited to the email format. They’re far less likely to pop up on a spam filter, and most GIFs only last a few seconds—the ideal length of time for content in an email. GIFs can’t communicate as much as a video, but they add an extra visual style that can’t be created with text and images alone. Even something as simple as animating a header or call to action can make your message more interesting than it would be without a GIF.

5. Develop customer case studies

Your audience wants to hear from you, but they also want to hear from customers who have had successful experiences with your products or services. Case studies are extraordinarily effective when it comes to building your brand’s credibility and generating more audience trust. Video is generally the best format for highlighting customers who had positive results and letting them explain the benefits of your products or services. Building trust is one of the main challenges for engaging new leads and getting them interested enough to make their first order.

6. Create videos to generate interest in events

One-time and recurring events are a unique method of engaging with customers, and they’re particularly effective when the theme of the event ties in with your brand’s image or products. If you sell sporting goods, for example, you might run workout or yoga events that match your audience’s interests. While in-person events have been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events are more popular than ever. Sending out invitations over email is just like sending digital invitations to any other event, and a short video can quickly give them relevant information about the event while generating interest. If you’re promoting a recurring event, make sure to record each instance in order to gain material for future event marketing messages. Showing your audience what happened at the last event is a good way to make them feel like they’ll miss out if they aren’t at the next one. Like any other kind of marketing, event marketing is extremely effective when it involves an element of urgency. If there’s limited attendance or a limited amount of time to sign up, for example, highlighting this information will motivate more readers to put down their name for the upcoming event. I hope the article 6 Ideas for Adding Video to Your Email Marketing Strategy is really useful for you. Email is a reliable channel for businesses in nearly every field, and it’s especially effective when combined with the power of video. These tips will help you craft videos that connect with your email subscribers while motivating them to click through to your website and make more purchases on your online store.
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