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5 Ways Web Analytics Can Boost Your Business ROI

5 Ways Web Analytics Can Boost Your Business ROI
If you had the idea as to what part of your marketing budget is going waste you would never had made a mistake of investing capital to that part rather wasting capital to that part. Or if you had gained the idea about what factors are causing a failure you would certainly tweaked your marketing for that part. But, then gauging your marketing campaign at its every part is not possible with all the forms of marketing. Luckily! Digital marketing allows you to monitor & measure your marketing campaigns, identifying the factors that are not giving results and optimizing your campaigns accordingly. And! The tool that helps you gauge your marketing campaign is called ‘Web Analytics’. So, you can easily monitor the progress & performance of your website & marketing campaigns through it. The data furnished by analytics pinpoints about the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign and helps you grow fast. So, let’s go through 5 ways Web Analytics helps your boost your ROI.

Helps you monitor & measure the performance of your ads

Of course! An effective ad campaign can accelerate your business success rate. At the same time, if you are not monitoring & measuring the performance of your ads then you wasting a lot of money, time & effort on the ads that are not performing. However, through web analytics you can track various advertising channels that include search ads, display & banner ads, emails, social ads and affiliates. You can also gain insights about the keywords as to which keywords are productive and which are not. It also allows you to auto-tag your campaign helping you figure out the conversion rates of different ads placement as well as your landing pages. Moreover, you can remarket your product with the help of the data furnished by web analytics and can tap on the right customers.

Allows you to gauge the effect of mobile browsing to your website

The majority of your audience is already using mobile devices for internet browsing and so getting a responsive website has become so crucial for businesses. In such a situation, you really need some synthetic monitoring tool to monitor and measure the mobile performance. The first thing web analytics helps you with here is by telling you from which your traffic is coming. Now, if it’s a mobile device that is driving the traffic, then through download and the engagement activities of your visitors, web analytics helps evaluate the performance of your mobile apps. It also tells you as to which pages are getting the highest views, the bounce rate, the users’ engagement level, the duration of visits and the visit frequency. Certainly, if you can gain access to such information, you can easily perk up your marketing plans.

Helps you figure out the conversion rate of your web outlets

Tracking the conversion rate is actually a very important issue and for that you must have deep knowledge of a few factors such as from where the traffic is coming to your website, which keyword terms are people using to get to any web page, what is the demographic location of the traffic sources, the bounce rate & so on. Through such information you can easily figure out the productive segment & the non-productive segments and make changes accordingly. As discuses earlier web analytics also tell you about the number of returning & new visits as well as the average time your visitors spent on the site.

Lets you evaluate your content performance

Consumers love to buy but hate a sales pitch and content is the most important part of inbound marketing compels your customer to come to you rather than you going to them. If your web outlets only talk about your product & services and that there is barely some good content on it, the credibility of your web outlets will be hurt due to its highly commercial nature. This is why we recommend to regularly & consistently update your content and also monitor the productivity of each post effectively. With the help of content analysis you can identify as to which content is getting the highest number of comments & social engagement, which post is capturing the most number of page views & so on. You also gain insight about the conversion rate of your posts. This will help you figure out the interest of your audience and take optimize your content for conversions.

Enables the productivity tracking of your social engagement

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, social networking outlets are places where huge amount of people are present and so it is not at all difficult to drive them to your website or landing pages through effective campaigning. However, at the same time it’s not easy to monitor and identify how exactly your campaign is running. But then, thanks to web analytics that proffers you with the social tool that allows you to track the performance of each social outlet on all in one dashboard saving much of your time & effort. You can also track your ROI from these campaigns and make out as to which social site is more productive for you.

The Bottom-Line!

All your digital marketing super tactics are incomplete and imperfect without the effective utilization of the web analytics! Use web analytics and skyrocket your ROI.
Web Analytics is one of the sub components Digital Marketing Certificate Course (DMCC)@Digiperform.
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