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“Everything now is online and I couldn’t imagine running a business that’s not online!”

“Everything now is online and I couldn’t imagine running a business that’s not online!”

An Interview with Mr. Abhishek Duhan, Founder – 99 Laundry and Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee

He shares with us how a holistic knowledge of digital marketing helped him launch his dream venture a little more smoothly.

Question: Hi Abhishek! We have heard you have launched a laundry business in Gurgaon! So, how did you come about it?
Answer:  Hi! Personally I feel good when I dress well and present myself. Today we have n number of options to buy our fashion choice but very less options to take care of them. 99Laundry is an initiative to encourage people to dress well that directly boosts their confidence.
Question: That’s great! So, how did you cover the journey of a launching a laundry business? Any challenges??
Answer: Yes, I have not known a single business that hasn’t faced any problem. We faced many challenges in figuring out logistic aspect of business. We worked hard on simplifying things in our business and are concentrating more on user ease now. But to look at the brighter side we have digital marketing tactics with us that can provide some relief in terms managing things even in limited resources.
Question: Very true! So talking about the challenges what you think could be the potential challenge in generating leads for your business and how have you planned to cope up with it?
Answer: Like other businesses, marketing plays massive role in our business. Since it is an online business, digital knowledge of user plays huge role. If user is digitally sound and spends more time on playing around with mobile apps, he or she could be our direct potential customer. For offline customers we are executing our ideas for effective offline marketing that is directly proportional to lead generation.
Question: Exactly! So, what made you undergo a digital marketing training?
Answer: Because everything now is online and I couldn’t imagine running a business that’s not online but I had no clue of the online marketing. Even if I would have hired someone to do that for me how would have I got to know where is my marketing leading to. So! I decided to get myself trained in this particular field.
Question: Alright! Did the digital marketing training help you in any way in launching your venture?
Answer: Of course! Yes, digital marketing is something that gave me practical knowledge of identifying potential customers. The knowledge and hands-on exposure that I gained at the time of training is helping me to identify and understand online customer’s behavior.
Question: Sounds good! So, where do you rate Digiperform on a scale of 1 to 10 and why?
Answer: Digital Marketing training at Digiperform was crisp and to the point. I rate Digiperfrom 9 out of 10.
Question: Wow! And what plans do you have? Where do you see 99 laundry 5 years down the line and what all are you going to do to make that happen?
Answer: After 5 years from now, I see laundry & dry cleaning services in an organized & growing sector like never before with international presence. Providing good service is an important key role in making this business a success, and we as a team has capability to deliver our best. On top of it, things have changed from what it used to be a decade ago. Because of the online marketing, spreading your business isn’t a big deal. All you need is the good service to maintain what you have earned.
Question: Very true! So,before we wrap up the conversation is there something you would like to put across to the young entrepreneurs who are although keen at but afraid to start something new?
Answer: One message to all young entrepreneurs- if you believe in your idea… just find a way and execute it. There will be many people in market to discourage your idea. Only thing which will keep your idea on fire is your Vision. Moreover, you always have the power of internet marketing now with you and generating awareness about your business among the target market has not remained a pricy thing.
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Wow, very inspiring interview. Truly said by Mr Abhishek that it’s your vision which will take you to your destination and when you have power of digital marketing you even can do better.


Thank you so much Shabuddin! We’ll be looking forward to more feedback from you!

Gopaal Pandey

I completely agree with the quality of education digiperform deliver… best of luck !!!!! 🙂


Thank you Gopaal for the feedback! We will be glad to here more from you! Do share you thoughts and views!

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