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6 Tips for Creating the Best Business Presentations in 2021

6 Tips for Creating the Best Business Presentations in 2021
Making a presentation for your business is more than just throwing some data into PowerPoint slides. In the world of business, presentations serve to inform, motivate, as well as create new strategies in an organization. When delivering such a presentation to people in your company, whether it is other employees, clients, or senior management members, you need to tread carefully about how you do this. Well-thought-out presentations will yield more positive results for you as a presenter and your company as a whole. Even if you are an excellent public speaker, you still need to know what to say in the short time you have to say it. According to Visme, 91% of presenters feel more confident when they present a well-designed slide deck. The following six points will help you create a powerful presentation for your business.

1. Establish Yourself as a Credible Source Right Away

Your audience will expect a lot from you, no matter what your position or task is. If they sit there to listen to you, they need to know that you have something worth their time. This is why a quality presentation should always start by showcasing your credibility. We’re not saying that you should start with a lengthy introduction that resembles your resume. There are many ways to establish credibility. You need to dress the part, reveal your connections to the topic, share your experiences, and show the audience that you know what you’re talking about.

2. Present Your Goal Early On

Have you ever been to those presentations where you have to guess what the speaker wants to achieve? Many presentations are this way. They are vague or too general, making the listeners confused and very often, resulting in misunderstandings. This is a business presentation and as such, it has to be clear and to the point. You need to include all relevant information in it, but before it all, your audience should know what the presentation is about, what it aims to do, and how you plan to achieve it. If you’re having trouble with managing your thoughts in such a short space, use a project plan to help you organize the slides. Proper organization is crucial in a business presentation. Once you tell listeners what your presentation is about, it will make it easier to:
  •         Get the action you require of them
  •         Convince the listeners to fund your idea
  •         Get approval to proceed with your initiative
  •         Change the minds of your colleagues or bosses, etc.

3. Support All the Information You are Presenting

Presentations shouldn’t just establish the credibility of the speaker, but also of the things they say. Don’t just put the material into the slides and let the audience make their conclusions and decisions. Accompany it all with supporting data to give it credibility. It’s important to know How to Develop Better Stage Presence? Whenever you tell a story or present an idea, give relevant statistics, provide helpful quotes, and use reference research. According to BusinessInsider, figures and facts in a presentation can increase retention by 20%. Quotes from respected figures in the field of statistics from successful strategies will give the audience a reason to believe in your ideas.

4. Strengthen Your Presentation with Images and Quotations

Visualization is very important in presentation-making. People respond much better to speeches and presentations that include quotations and imaging. For more impact, include a relevant image, video, or quotation to each separate topic you introduce, or a new concept that might need some future describing. If this makes your presentation too crowded, don’t write everything down in it. Use the images to remind you which part of your notes goes where – and simply say it out loud. Organizing different visual elements, content, and quotations in a presentation can be challenging at times. Use this free presentation software to ease the process and create professional-looking slides. Source

5. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Instead of just jumping into the material, ask questions that ”awaken” the audience. When you create your presentation, keep in mind that your audience might want to be part of it. If you convince them to participate, they’ll be more willing to hear what you have to say. Asking questions, whether they are rhetorical or just thought-provoking, can get your listeners to think harder about the content you deliver. Some nice examples of thought-provoking questions are:
  •         You might be wondering why…
  •         How much longer will this…
  •         When I noticed this issue, I started asking myself…
  •         Do you think that this is working for our company?
Business presentations are similar to marketing strategies. When you create a strategy, you need to consider your target audience. The same applies here. Before you create your presentation, think about what your audience would wonder about, what they’d like to know, and which questions they would want to be answered. Use this to keep them interested.

6.Brand Your Presentation

Every business presentation or speech you make is an opportunity to strengthen your brand. If your speech is aimed toward clients and customers, you should brand it. The strength of any brand is defined by its consistency. Putting things into your presentations such as the logo of your company will help people memorize your brand’s image and link your company with the design you selected. Whether you present in webinars, conferences or in front of an audience, try to fit in your company’s branding all across your presentations. Make it subtle – don’t overcrowd your slides with images and designs of your brand. If you don’t have a logo just yet, your presentation might just be the perfect place to introduce it. Sign a logo design contract and get qualified professionals to create your company’s image. When you have it ready, insert your logo into your presentation and brand it. It looks more professional and helps people visualize your brand for the future. Inserting the logo in the same position in each slide in PowerPoint is very simple. Here is the step-by-step action:
  •         Go to ‘’View’’ in the menu and select the option ‘’Slide Master’’
  •         Pick the area of your screen where you want your logo to show. Change its location and size until you get it where and how you want it.
  •         Exit from ‘’Slide Master’’ and see the results.

Some Bonus Tips for Your Presentation

Do you want your presentation to be memorable? Think of all elements with care, starting from the visual design to the structure and the content. Here are a couple of extra tips that might help you in the process:
  • Make the beginning as impressive as you can. Start with fascinating stories, incredible facts, or appeal to the audience’s wishes and pains.
  • Don’t bulk it. Too much text can be overwhelming for the audience. Use your notes to enrich your presentation, but don’t put everything in the visual part.
  • Add more visual elements. There’s no room to place an explanation for each photo or quote in a short and good presentation. Add more visual elements into it, and use your notes to elaborate on them.
  •  Rehearse. Before you start presenting, rehearse the entire thing in front of the mirror. This will help you time your speech and find the best way to present the information on the slides.
According to research data, how you tell the things in your presentation is more important than what you are saying. Studies show that effective presentations are only 7% content. The rest goes to your voice (38%) and non-verbal communication (55%).

Final Thoughts

Knowing all this, make sure to dedicate enough time to make your presentation flawless. Business presentations serve a purpose, so ensure that whatever you include in it, them helps you achieve it. Good luck!
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