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7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Every Marketer Makes

7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Every Marketer Makes
You might find that Facebook Advertising are taking a significant percentage of your advertising budget, which may not be a problem if your business is doing good. However, most marketers advertise their products and services with the wrong approach which often results in the same outcome and challenges. You can take help from a digital marketing agency to find your errors.  Facebook is a great platform where marketers can get Instagram followers to increase their customer base. Here are some of the most common mistakes most marketers make:
  1. Not Using Videos in Their Marketing

Research conducted by BuzzSumo shows that there has been a decline in the amount of engagement that most posts get. Furthermore, Facebook reports indicate that there are up to 15,000 content pieces that marketers display in a user’s feed every time that person logs in his Facebook account. What does this mean? The amount of content marketers make exceeds the time that people have to absorb it. BuzzSumo also did a review of how much worth engagements and content had in a year on Facebook. They found out that even though posts with links and images are facing a decline in their interactions, it was vice versa for video posts (visual content). The review shows that video posts have increased their engagement within one year. Video posts are not as popular compared to other types of content on Facebook, but they make the highest percentage of engagement. facebookv ideo Most marketers don’t include videos in their posts, which limits the amount of engagement they get. Therefore, marketers have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of that and use video-based Facebook ads more.
  1. Most Marketers Don’t Do Enough Specific Targeting

Most advertising campaigns usually target about 20 million people on Facebook. It isn’t a surprise to see that a considerable percentage of Facebook users who view those ads do not give positive feedback or don’t respond. So, marketers should ensure they are more realistic when deciding on the size of the target they want to ensure they get better results for their brand, product, or service. facebook-ad-set-level
  1. Marketers Fail to Monitor Their Facebook Ads Consistently

Facebook has an advertising interface that gives suggestions of the potential size of the target a marketer will reach if he/she spends a certain amount of money. If your audience is vast, you need to reduce it by targeting geographic areas, genders, and age ranges. Many marketers don’t monitor their Facebooks ads enough to see how they are performing. Lack of proper monitoring leads to a marketer being unable to evaluate the market and determine which ad is the best for specific targets leads to failure.
  1. Wrong Choice of Ad

Facebook has different ads you can choose from, which might be quite a problematic process. It’s not a wonder to see a professional marketer selecting an ad without ensuring that it’s best to get the expected results. Among the various advertising options, you can choose from are ads which help you reach out to many people, get traffic to your website, get Instagram followers, and inform your followers on others useful apps you may have. So, make sure you’re familiar with all the different ads and their purposes. Being familiar with how every ad works reduces the chances of you choosing the wrong one for your target audience, which puts you at a better position of getting great results. Using inappropriate ads as a marketer can cost you a lot of money without great results.
  1. Testing Different Things at The Same Time

It is okay to test different Facebook ads with your target audience. However, do that cautiously and with proper isolation to enable you to learn and understand which characteristics make a significant amount of impact on your viewers. Another advertising mistake that most marketers frequently make on Facebook isn’t isolating each variable when testing. When you don’t separate the variables for every ad, it will be difficult for you to determine which type of ad impressed the target more compared to the other. Being unable to determine which ad is doing better makes marketing more difficult and rarely successful. facebook split_test
  1. Making Hasty Decisions

Most marketers assume that there will be minimal changes in the perceptions of particular brands or general opinions of certain advertising platforms before a specific campaign end. They, end up planning advertising campaigns. Doing that leads to serious problems later. A good example is when Cambridge Analytica (a third-party company) got access to millions of users’ Facebook data without their consent. This unauthorized access led to many brands like Mozilla and Sonos to re-evaluate whether they would continue working with Facebook to reach their customers or look for other alternatives.
  1. Being Impatient

When it comes to any paid advertising, you might feel like you’re losing your money and think it’s not worth it when you don’t notice fast results. It can also be tempting to tweak your Facebook ads to see if they’ll perform better and as fast as you expected. As you start the process, gathering insight and data should be your priorities. This means is that it’s necessary that you take time to decide on the amount of money you will invest in to acquire customers. For instance, if your cost of a product is INR 3000 and you’re selling it for INR 5000. You have about INR 2500 to spend on getting one client to break even. You should be ready to spend more than that at the beginning of the marketing process when you are testing your ads and the target audience.


Avoid making abrupt decisions about your ads such as tweaking or pausing them before reaching at least 1000 people. By the time you get 1000 people, you will have gathered enough data to help you analyze the ad’s performance even if it didn’t get any sales. Most marketers are impatient with their Facebook ads, which ends up harming the performance of their products or services. As a marketer, you can use Facebook pixel which is a tool that enables you to target the performance of your ads and also have access to performance data of other audiences to help you make better decisions of who to target. However, as a marketer, you need to ensure that you optimize your website with proper functionality. This will enable you to convert the visitors you acquire them through the Facebook ads. For instance, if you own an eLearning website, then you should consider using reliable WP plugins such as Learndash (AI tools to automate Facebook campaigns) or for an excellent performance.
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