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9 Tips & Tools For Business Content Management

9 Tips & Tools For Business Content Management

In general, how efficient a company is at managing data and workflow is directly proportional to overall productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee effectiveness. 

With the help of content marketing, data (content) is created by an individual for distribution and consumption.

Content management is a system of processes, that increases efficiency in the way content such as documents and files are obtained, managed, stored, and accessed within an organization.

Business content management is a more evolved version of content management. It places emphasis on the needs/wants of businesses. Also, it involves the process involved in creating content in addition to storing and managing such content. It is a software tool for companies to use to manage content.


4 Tips For Business Content Management

#1 Digitize All Contents

To have an effective BCM system, it must be able to capture and digitize all types of information regardless of the format it is in be it either print or digital form. 

Your business will profit by making use of technologies such as HCR (handprint character recognition), OCR (optical character recognition), and scanners to capture information and document them in the digital format.

Image cleanup is also useful for businesses that process a lot of information.


#2 Efficiently Manage All Content

The ability to manage content is vital in business content management. To manage content, you will need tools that help you group similar content, correctly file and index such content, and revise the content management system. 


#3 Save Content Appropriately

Businesses should have proper storage for different categories of data. There should be short and long term storage. 

The short term storage should be for content that is still in use while the long term storage should be for archiving content that is no longer needed. Stored data should also be easily retrievable with the help of advanced search options. 


#4 Automate Operations

Automation of operations reduces redundancy and makes storing, retrieving, and sorting through content fast and very efficient.

By automating processes, you identify repetitive and mundane tasks and use tools or methods to automate such operations.

It also reduces the amount of time spent on less important tasks and allows businesses to improve effectiveness.


9 Best Tools for Business Content Management

We can’t talk about business content management without addressing the tools that facilitate this process. Below are some tools to help businesses manage their content efficiently:

#1 On Base by Hyland 

This flexible BCM solution helps businesses streamline operations by managing data and documents. It helps provide quick access to data at any moment.

BCM allows businesses to integrate other business applications seamlessly. It is compatible with your mobile devices, cloud, and on-premises.  



This BCM platform was created specifically to manage digital content. It enhances integration because of its numerous plugins and design. It’s very flexible, and it allows you to configure your system to meet your exact needs. It’s compatible with the cloud and on-premises. 


#3 SpringCM

This cloud-based solution simplifies your business processes because it manages, automates and stores your content, and documents. It also enhances a client-customer relationship because it makes it easy for your customers to work with you. It’s able to automate very complex document processes that improve workflow. It works on-premises and cloud.



#4 IBM FileNet 

This is one of the best content managers in the industry. It is very comprehensive and provides its clientele with affordable and straightforward document processing and management capabilities.

IBM FileNet offers a lot of capabilities that might make it challenging to use and set up. It also provides business with advanced security capabilities, collaboration, automation that enhance a client-customer relationship.

It has features that enable you to add, edit, find, annotate, tag, and collaborate your content from your mobile device, web, and desktop. 


#5 DocuShare 

Xerox created this content manager and it boasts of a drag-and-drop interface. It’s very convenient, easy to use, and flexible. It is paper and digital content compatible and ranks highly in terms of service. 


#6 Seismic

This is one of the best content managers when it comes to marketing and sales. It’s an excellent tool for marketers who want to improve their bottom line because it shows the marketers what helps them make money, enabling them to make the necessary adjustments.

You can find it’s offices on almost all the continents, including Europe, Australia, North America with its headquarters in San Diego. 


#7 Laserfiche 

Businesses use this pioneer of paperless content in over eight countries. If your business is in the market in search of an intelligent business process automation and content management tool, then this software is the one for you.

It’s excellent for automating repetitive tasks by getting rid of manual processes through electronic forms, advanced workflows, document analytics, and management. 


#8 NetDocuments 

It’s a cloud-based workflow and content management platform. It is known for it’s intuitive and leading-edge in secure cloud-based email and document management solutions.

It boasts of over two thousand- three hundred business customers across the globe. It’s a top-rated platform among lawyers and corporate business. 


#9 Veeva Vault 

This platform focuses on improved content management. Its workflow is clear and highly customizable. Businesses can easily incorporate their needs into this software.



Why You Should Invest In Business Content Management Tools?


For any business, there are a lot of benefits that can be obtained from investing in the right content management tools. Some of those benefits include:

Reduces costs and saves time:

The costs associated with running a business can skyrocket. Investing in business content management tools curbs time spent on mundane tasks such as manually searching through documents and files, giving you more time for more productive activities which reduces loss.

Improves efficiency in business:

Efficiency in the industry is greatly enhanced because you can now easily access any piece of information you need. Everything you need to know is within a click of a button. How cool is that?!

Allows for smooth workflow:

Information within the business now flows smoothly within employees, thereby improving workflow. It also improves work relationships with third-party corporations, such as government organizations.

When it comes to information flow, you have to be careful when dealing with clients or partners from various cultures and foreign languages. To ensure a smooth flow of info, you can rely on online localization services like The Word Point or even Google Translator for help.

Reduction of errors:

Due to the automation of many business processes, errors are reduced, saving time and money.


Knowing the right tips and tools in managing the content for your products and services goes a long way in helping your business increase efficiency. It’s always the best move to invest in any tool that saves time, increases automation, reduces costs, increases employee efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction.


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