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The Free Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

The Free Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing
During your online search, you might have come across many web pages where you find thousands of blogs, images, videos, texts, etc. as answers to your query. This is the power of CONTENT. Content is a very common term that we use in our daily context to share our messages. The beauty of content is that it conveys the message in many attractive ways. You can share your content through websites’ blogs, visuals (such as images, videos, etc), audios, etc.

What Marketers Say About Content Marketing?

Content plays an important role in marketing. It’s one of the crucial factors that one need to consider while creating a Sales Funnel Today, marketers are using each and every way to reach out to the millions of audiences with the help of informative content. Currently, content marketing strategy is an important step considered by them.  They say that “Content is King of Marketing. It is the ultimate weapon of marketing strategies that help us not only targeting the audience but in generating revenues as well. The content marketing strategy is kind of a Swiss Army knife that can do almost anything if you set it up the right way. It’s well acclaimed that whether it’s a B2B or B2C,  89% success rate solely depends on your content marketing strategy. Therefore, it’s a high time to understand the role of content marketing in business and act accordingly.  

How Can We Help You?

Well to your rescue, we (Digiperform) decided to help you to learn the basic of content marketing, just like it. Through this post, we are sharing The Free Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing that will not only help to understand what is content marketing all about, but it will also help you to understand the role of content in digital marketing and how to incorporate content marketing strategies in your action plan as well. And, that too absolutely FREE! In the Free Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing, you will be learning:
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Why Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy?
In continuation of this free content marketing guide, we’ll be sharing few chapters that will make you a complete content marketer and proficient enough to make your own content marketing strategies.  

The Chapters are:

1- What is content marketing? Why is it so important for your business? 2- How content marketing relates to marketing funnel? 3- How to build a refined content marketing strategy for your business? 4- How to identify your audience for content marketing strategy? 5- How to create a content marketing calendar for your business? 6- 20 free content marketing tools you should know about 7- How to create a perfect calls-to-actions for your content marketing strategy 8- How to measure content marketing ROI? Here we go!

What is Content Marketing?

As per Wikipedia, “Content marketing is a form of marketing which is focused on publishing, creating and distributing the various form of content for a targeted audience online. It is ideally used by businesses in order to: Attract audience, expand their customer base, generate leads and increase online sales.” Content marketing is a highly effective marketing approach which helps to build a relationship with the audience as well as create the easiest path to stay connected with them. This strategy helps to share high-quality content with the audience that can be produced in the form of all formats and spread via many channels like website, blog, e-newsletter, social media, etc.  But this is a consistent process. For longtime engagement and excellent results, you need to follow content marketing correctly and consistently. Whether you own a B2B or B2C, marketer understands the importance of content marketing in a business where they share content in many forms through blogging or sharing creative visuals (which is also called as Visual Content Marketing).

Why Do You Need A Content Marketing Strategy?

Well, now the question arises why do you need a content strategy. The following points help you to understand why you need a content marketing strategy and how creating content helps to accomplish the wide array of goals; It—
  • Increases the number of your audience
  • Establishes your leadership position in a highly competitive market
  • Increases brand awareness among the audience
  • Helps to reach out a new market
  • Increases revenue and getting a bigger number of conversions
  • Helps to build a brand from scratch and assigning the certain value to it
Once you know what goals you need to accomplish, then it will be easier for you to decide which form of strategy is necessary for your business. Though, the content is the seed of any digital marketing strategy. Whether you follow email marketing or social media marketing, you need engaging content for the same in various forms that can be only accomplished through right content strategy. So, how to do it? That you will learn in our continuation parts of Free Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing. Content marketing helps to grab the huge opportunity to boost your online reputation and increases conversion rates like none other. So, if you really want to be the master of this online world, first start from the basic. Want to know more about content marketing, then read our all chapters, absolutely FREE! Chapter 1
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