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A Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About The Mikrotik hEX S

A Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About The Mikrotik hEX S
Founded in 1996, the company MikroTik has been specializing in software and hardware for internet connectivity. In 2018, MikroTik released the Mikrotik hEX S Gigabit ethernet router. The Mikrotik hEX S is a five-port wired ethernet router specifically made for advanced users. Compared to its earlier versions, the Mikrotik hEX S also has a USB port, an SFP port, and PoE output on the last port. But don’t worry, all the specs and features may sound intimidating but it is easy to use. If you want to know more about one of the best ethernet routers out there, then keep on reading. 

The operating system is the RouterOS

Are you tired of your old router that was too laggy and with an outdated operating system? Then you’re in luck! The RouterOS was developed by the company way back in 1997. It is based on the Linux v3.3.5 kernel. It features bandwidth management, hotspot getaway, routing, firewall, wireless access point, VPN server, just to name a few. Make sure to update the RouterOS via the Auto Upgrade option, which can be found in the GUI.

The Mikrotik HEx S is affordable

Throughout this Mikrotik hEX S review, this may be one of the best reasons. Compared to other ethernet routers, the Mikrotik hEX S is relatively cheap. Its suggested retail price is $69.00, while other brands that have the same performance can go up to $389. What a steal! 

The Dude Server Package is supported

As cool as it sounds, The Dude Network was also created by MikroTik. It aims to improve how you manage your network environment. This can be done with just a quick scan. Not only that, but it will also notify you right away if the service is having problems. It also allows you to add custom devices, draw out maps of your networks, and link monitoring. 

Perfect for wired setups

If you’re not really going to use the ethernet router for wireless setup, then this one’s for you. Although the Mikrotik hEX S has no Wi-Fi radios, this router still has a lot of pros. For example, a wired setup is more secure compared to a wireless connection. Moreover, a wired setup lets you enjoy the full capacity of the connection without the lags. If you’re someone who is a heavy-data user, then consider switching to this setup with Mikrotik hEX S. You may also create a backup to your wired connections by using the LANS and VLANs feature. It also has an IPsec hardware encryption support. 

Enough storage size and powerful dual-core

For a heavy-duty ethernet router, Mikrotik hEX S has enough storage capacity for your needs. Its RAM is 155 MB, while the storage size is 16 GB. With the dual-core 880 MHz CPU, this router is made for complex configurations. Transmission from one device to another, reading speed and writing speed is lightning fast, leaving no room for delays or lags. It also has a MicroSD slot. 

It can be mounted to the wall

Its dimension is 113 x 89 x 28 mm, so it is kind of bulky. However, its design took into consideration those consumers who might want to mount the router to the wall. Aside from aesthetic reasons, mounting your router to the wall will maximize its coverage.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet powerful and heavy-duty ethernet router, then the Mikrotik hEX S is for you. All the added features and specs make it worth it.  Its efficiency and performance have been tried and tested, true to MikroTik’s vision to create seamless hardware. 
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