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Router Review: Mikrotik heX S

Any household or workplace needs to have a strong internet connection. For you to have a strong internet connection, you’ll need a router that can give you just what you need, regardless of how many people are connected all at once. Aside from that, it’s also good for you to have a router that can give you not only a strong internet connection but has other features as well. Luckily, there is one router that can give you what you need, which is the Mikrotik heX s. The Mikrotik heX S is a great router that’s perfect for any use, be it for home or office. Aside from it being a router that can give you an excellent internet connection, it has other features as well. Read on below for more information regarding the Mikrotik heX S.

The router

As stated before, the Mikrotik heX S is a great router, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Aside from being wireless, there are also Ethernet ports so that you can have a secure connection to your PC or laptop. For a router, it has pretty powerful components, such as a 256 MB RAM and a dual-core 880 MHz. RouterOS, which is the operating system of all Mikrotik routers, is also used by the router. As for internal features, it comes with many to boot. The router itself can be customized as it has many configuration options. To configure the router, you can access the settings from its IP address. Another good thing about being able to customize the router is that it’s easy to configure. The router’s RouterBOOT button has pretty interesting features as well, such as restoring user configurations to default. Another great feature of the router is that you can set up VPNs. This is most useful if you want to use the internet with great security and privacy.  The manufacturers also release updates to help keep your router maintained. It’s important to update your router so that it’ll be fitted with the necessary components that will keep its performance high-quality.

The cons

While it’s a great router, it doesn’t come with discrepancies on the side of the user. For one, it has a pretty cluttered interface during configuration. Setting it up may be easy, but the cluttered interface doesn’t help at all. There may be times where you could get lost in the middle of setup. However, once you learn how to navigate throughout the router’s config, you’ll have no problem at all. Another thing that can set users back is that it’s not a plug and play kind of router. Regardless, that’s what the feature of the user configuration is for. If you configure the router to your preferences, you won’t have any more problems in the long run.

The verdict

While it has shortcomings, the Mikrotik heX S is still a pretty solid router. While it’s pretty confusing to configure, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. After all, the benefits that you can enjoy with the Mikrotik heX S far outweigh its cons. Once you get the router settings, you’re good to go and you can enjoy a fast internet speed for your home or office.


The Mikrotik heX S is a router that you should get if you’re looking for a powerful yet standard and budget-friendly router. Regardless of its cons, it can still give you the powerful internet speed that you’ll need for home, school, or office use. There are lots of other good routers out there, but the Mikrotik heX S is good for what it’s worth and gets the job done.
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