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An Interview Session with Digiperform’s Trainee – Avneet Singh

A chit-chat session with one of our trainees, Avneet Singh, a Student who decided to learn Digital Marketing to get skilled with latest marketing trends. Why? Let’s read to know further: Q1- Please share your personal and professional background? I am Avneet Singh, a B.Tech student and Google Certified as well. While looking for good opportunities, I have been working as a Freelancer on various online marketing projects as well. Q2- Why have you decided to learn Digital Marketing? Before deciding to learn about Digital marketing, I was doing my research in the various fields that could provide me the wide area of opportunities for growth along with good packages. With digitalization, everything is becoming digital these days as everyone is using smartphones and laptops. Every business wants to promote their products and services through the digital platform as it gives quick results. This made me believed that Digital marketing is the right industry to get into and it can also immensely help everyone to find the right growth for them. Moreover, people are focussing on digital rather than following traditional ways, it is most flexible, creative and easy to handle stream than others. Q3- How you get to know about Digital Marketing? While looking for good earning options in the market, my friends suggested being part of digital marketing as they know the advantages and wanted me to pursue same. Q4- How can Digital Marketing help in your career/business? Digital marketing is already helping me to understand the real concept behind online marketing and how to implement it in the business strategies. With training, I am more clear what to do and how to do when it comes to making online business strategies. As my freelancing experience also helping me to learn more and more practically, definitely I am gonna implement those skills and learning to extend my business or startup one day. Q5- What you like the most about Digital Marketing? (Any specific module or stream) Digital marketing is not limited to one thing. One way to can run ads to promote your business, another way you can go for write-ups or create videos for PR activities. It’s a vast field. After learning through digital marketing course, I am more attracted to Adwords, Analytics, and WordPress strategies. You can create your website the way you want, run ads and analyze your growth at the same time. Q6- Why did you choose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies? I chose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies because I really liked the demo session of this company and also they provide the easy way to afford the course if you are having any financial trouble to enroll in the course. Most important, trainers give their heart and soul to clear all your doubt and provide you the right atmosphere to gain more theoretical as well practical knowledge. Q7- How was/have been your experience with Digiperform. The classes at Digiperform were really interactive, the trainer used to be there for help without any time barrier. Also, the institute had a friendly atmosphere. In addition, studying in the batch were you have every kind of learner, from a fresher to a businessman, and then an experienced hotelier to a working professional, provide you the right atmosphere to learn with experiences. Q8- How is the faculty and training in Digiperform? The faculty was up to the mark in Digiperform and exceptional in their training programs.  Trainers are perfect in ability wise, skill wise, they have got every answer to any of the question, and anticipation is brilliant. Honestly, trainers teach students in an enjoyable way also and share their experiences with the students to motivate them. Q9- In your opinion, what is the scope of digital marketing in coming years? The digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t, everything is going to be Digital in near-future. Digital marketing has made a great impact in the field of marketing and advertising. It is the newest thing in town and all ready to provide better job opportunities and user experience to everyone. Q10- What are your future plans? Currently, I am planning to be Adwords Specialist for a long run. I have started taking freelance projects and will continue to achieve something big as well. Thanks a lot Avneet for sharing your valuable input and being the part of Digiperform family. We wish you a great success. —————————————— For more related testimonials, watch below:
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