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Interview Session with Mr. Sumit Working on concentrix payroll

Interview Session with Mr. Sumit Working on concentrix payroll
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Digiperform: Sumit, you are an Electronics and Communication Engineer, This is a completely different field from marketing. So what made you undergo a digital marketing training?

Sumit: Actually I am from an adverse background after completion of my B.Tech Electronics and Communication entering in to Digital filed is quiet differnent. From my college days my passion is to connect with people and create community and I got a chance with Eli India my 1st employer where I got great guidance but not much work to be done by me as my role is limited and my growth is also limited. So I switched in under 6 months to Nishkrant Media – Integrated Internet Marketing Agency – Awesome place for Beginners to kick start your career Digital Field where I learned a lot, followed best practices for SEO, Social Media and PPC and opportunity to work with Big Brands in Ecommerce, Education verticals as well. I never had undergone a Digital Marketing Training in my career. Since my inception in Digital Marketing Domain from January 2014, I just kept on learning from my colleagues, online resources and social media platforms.
Digiperform: That’s Great now something about Digital marketing, we would like to know more about scope of digital marketing from you?
Sumit: As the world is getting more and more digitized in every respect, Digital Marketing is a booming every second and every brand is so focussed about this as best aspect to promote their services. Digital marketing has become effectively mainstream at Global 1000 companies. Digital Media will keep on growing, and that it will become more and more dominant in our lives in upcoming years.
Digiperform: Now, you will be on Concentrix pay roll and will be working for its client Google, how do you feel about it?
Sumit:  One word – Amazing to be part of and Thanks for the opportunity provided by Riya & Digiperform. Last 2 weeks are full of learning, enjoyment, knowing new people from diverse backgrounds, part of new culture & other benefits like healthy food & playing  Pool is also awesome as well.
Digiperform: You are not student of Digiperform but still placed by Digiperform’s Placement team,How was your over all experience ?
Sumit:  It was phenomenal. Its great to see an online marketing training company that’s working today towards uplifting individuals career and bridging the gap between industry and available talent pool in real manner, such things are important for growth of digital industry as a whole.
Digiperform: According to you, where do you see Digital Marketing In next 3 Years?
Sumit:  In my views, Digital marketing is the next big thing with an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry. It will rely less on Google and engage more  on direct forms of interacting with their target audience or end customer. The importance for mobile search, optimize and conversion is the top most priority. We have to identify upcoming trends in the market and make measurable and actionable marketing strategies. Inbound marketing will play a huge role in conversion optimization as well.

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