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Bing Ads announced the rollout of price extensions

Bing Ads announced the rollout of price extensions
Microsoft has long offered its own search engine known as Bing which is more simple and precise as compared to other search engines. Though Google is the number one in terms of search engine rankings; however, Bing has its own place in the hearts of internet users. Alike Google, Bing also offers service that provides pay per click advertising platform that you can use to show ads on the Bing network, which includes the,, and search engines.   Update: Bing Ads is often overlooked when compared to Google AdWords, but there are areas that Bing is able to one-up Google. This year Bing has surprised and shifted the focus in ad extensions from providing more content and launched new Bing Ads Price Extensions. It has come with its latest update that Price extensions appear in text ads that appear in the top spot in mobile and desktop search results. Bing Ads announced the rollout of price extensions so that advertisers can use them to show prices for products or services and include up to a 25-character description with each extension. The price extension is visible from the ad, and a view more items drop-down displays three additional listings. Whereas in 2017, Google introduced price extensions in AdWords on mobile first, Bing Ads price extensions are available for both mobile and desktop. The purpose of Ad extension is to engage and deliver the right content about the product ad and add more value to your Search Network text ads. It gives a bigger showcase for services and range of products, and by linking people directly to what interests them. With this update, the prices used in price extensions will be visible on the landing page. The landing page can be on a third-party retailer site like Amazon or Walmart, as opposed to the advertiser’s e-commerce site. Like site links, advertisers are charged for clicks on price extensions.  Price Extensions are currently available in all Bing Ads markets except for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. However as this is just a new update and advertisers are not yet aware of the same, the volume is low right now internationally, though increasing throughout the month to 100%, but availability is 100% global at this time. Add-on feature: This extension also supports a variety of languages, currencies, and options to help advertisers quantify their product prices or units of service. It’s a perfect medium to help your customers convert by adding Price Extensions to your campaigns today. It also helps to give a quick view to the product price. Format & Location: Price extensions on Bing will appear in text ads – in the top spot in mobile and desktop search results. The description cannot be duplicated in the header. For example, “Digital Marketing Course” cannot be used for both the header and the description. The prices used in Price Extensions must be available and visible on the landing page. Like Sitelinks, clicks on Price Extensions will be charged the same CPC as clicks on the ad headline. How to create a new Price Extension?
  1. Go to your Bing Ads Dashboard.
  2. Click Campaigns at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Ad Extensions tab.
  4. If not already selected, click Price Extensions and select Campaign or Ad group.
  5. Click Create ad extension.
  6. Select the campaign or ad group you want to add the extension to.
  7. Click Add new Price Extension.
  8. Enter the Price Extension details and click Save.
Bing Ads has a lot of unique advantages for SMBs that Google. Share your point of view in the comment – how you feel about this update!
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