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Contextual Advertising for Moving Company: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Contextual Advertising for Moving Company: 5 Tips You Need to Know

The success of every moving company lies in its ability to attract a continuous stream of quality moving leads. In this age of online marketing, everyone is hopping on the digital bandwagon in a bid to go where their prospects are: on the web.

Truth is, though, online marketing is not created equal. You might be pouring insane amounts into digital marketing each year but have little to show for it when all is said and done.

You’ve probably been wondering what you’re not doing right.

Enter contextual advertising.


What is Contextual Advertising?

This is a form of online advertising that seeks to deliver advertisements related to the type of content the user is interested in.

For example, when browsing the web for the latest smartphone and moments later you start getting banner ads displaying some sleek new-release smartphones, that’s contextual advertising in play.

The whole idea of contextual advertising is to place ads with relevant content (or context) that is likely to appeal to your target customer, converting those leads into customers.

In the case of moving, if you’re targeting corporate clients in NYC, for example, people browsing for commercial or office movers in New York City should be able to see your ads (See points #2 & #3 below).

Here are 5 tips about contextual advertising you need to keep in mind.


1. Google AdSense is your friend

Unlike Google Ads, Google AdSense relies more on keywords and relevant websites where users are more likely to click on the ads being promoted. AdSense allows you to get your moving business in front of the exact audience you’re targeting, so you’re more likely to find success using this avenue.

For example, if you’re targeting local businesses in NYC, there is a big chance any business searching for office moving services in NYC will come across your ad.


2. Use geo keywords

Geo keywords are a powerful tool for moving companies. It is geo[graphic] keywords that allow potential customers to find you easily while also ensuring you’re advertising your business to the right people.

The keyword here is geographic (aka location).

For example, “moving company Chicago” or “Texas movers” are geo keywords that should display to prospects looking for a moving company in the city (or metropolitan) of Chicago, shutting out unwanted searches coming from other places.


3. Don’t overlook negative keywords

But geo keywords are not enough. Seeing as contextual advertising is keyword-based, you should implement negative keywords in your ad campaigns to avoid showing up on unwanted searches, something many movers overlook.

For example, anyone typing a search query like “moving on” is probably looking for tips to cope with a broken heart and not moving services. These are not results you want to show up in.

Similarly, broad target phrases like “moving company” or “movers” can show up on unwanted results that only serve to eat into your click ad money.
That’s because you’re leaving yourself open to irrelevant searches like “how to get a job with a moving company”, “car movers” and so on.

4. Create detailed ads

Don’t design ads just for the sake of it. There are hundreds of companies out there marketing the same services as you.

For this reason, you need to come up with creative ads that give the user a reason to click.

That means attractive ads that at the same time aim to solve a need – which for the prospect could be found, say, a “quality and trustworthy mover”, “affordable college mover”, etc. etc.

5. Different seasons will yield different results

Every experienced mover knows business is big during the warmer months before things slow down come January. It’s a trend that will reflect in your contextual advertising efforts.

So, assuming you’ve done everything right, expect the vagaries of the moving industry to impact the performance of your campaigns in winter.


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