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Which Profession To Choose In The Field Of Digital Marketing

Which Profession To Choose In The Field Of Digital Marketing
First of all, you need to understand what prevents you from making progress, what qualities to develop, what you need to improve, and what to pay attention to. You need to analyze yourself, understand what you can do, recognize your aptitudes, and evaluate your potential.  Next, you need to explore what professions are available in digital marketing. Let’s look at the professions in more detail. 

Account Manager 


  • communication with clients;
  • communication;
  • keep in touch at all times;
  • make sure that the client is happy.
  • Work is not necessary for the office, there is an opportunity to work remotely (Skype, mail, phone).

Project Manager

The task of the project manager is, first of all, to lead the client inside the company’s work plane. The project manager receives the task from the client and distributes it to the tools that will be implemented by technical specialists. His or her responsibility is to meet the needs of the clients, and they must be aware of any possible errors. These specialists are in the office: they are needed to communicate and meet with the team.

The Analyst

There are analysts, whose field of activity is the market of advertisers. Such employees analyze novelties, other companies, etc. For them, it is possible to work remotely. Of the required skills:
  • good at counting,
  • work in Excel,
  • anticipate mistakes.

SMM specialist 

It is required to maintain social networks, groups, and communities. The main task is to fill pages with content, conduct contests, and surveys. They can work remotely and lead several clients simultaneously.


SEO is search engine optimization. SEO should be able to pick up keywords and do everything related to search operations on the Internet. Just like GMMschik, this employee can work remotely.

Context Advertising Specialist

Works with specific requests. The scope of competence includes the placement of texts in special blocks, banners, and much more. Can work both in the office and remotely. They may need help from paper writing service. Learn about the work of a specialist in contextual advertising: prospects, education, and what you need to be able to. 

Media planner

These are people who help plan the promotion: they process customer requests, determine which tool will better solve the problem, evaluate the performance, conversion. Media planners and buyers communicate with sites, work with the proposed conditions, pass information to each other for further work. 

Developer, programmer

Works with programming languages: Php, Ruby, Python, C++. Optimizes company processes works with visual elements: website, applications, etc.

Designers, art-directors

Their competence is creative ideas, visual concepts, and strict adherence to the brand.


They analyze the market, clients, study the past placement, evaluate and recognize risks and benefits, and choose tools to solve problems. Typically, these people are very strong analysts and sociologists, as well as creative and communicators.


His task is to write the content of any required format. These can be posts for social networks and headlines, as well as the content of the site itself. Such an employee may conduct several projects in parallel without losing quality. For such a profession it is necessary to be able to express thoughts well and involve the audience.

Sales Manager

People who can sell, communicate well.

Back office

Accounting, lawyers, HR. They are in any company, this is its foundation. Each company may have special vacancies depending on its needs: business process analyst and others. Sometimes, to start in any of these positions is enough basic knowledge and burning eyes, the desire to develop in this area. Read Also:  How To Stay Up To Date In The Digital Marketing World 11 Types Of Digital Marketing And How To Use Them  
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