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Aggregate Content vs Curated Content: What’s the difference?

Ever since the emergence of social media platforms, the urge to make a louder noise grew. To be able to make an impact and rise above the competition, business houses need something extra. ‘Aggregated content’ and ‘curated content’ are things that extra brands need to work upon to expand their reach.  But, what is between the two? The ocean of social media is vast, and its influence has been dominating as a marketing tool. No wonder 74% of marketers are using Facebook for professional purposes, making the opportunities given by these platforms huge.  Aggregated and curated content can help you take advantage of the opportunity and amplify your social media marketing efforts. But, still, some key differential aspects need to be considered. So, here is what you need to know:

Content Curation

Content curators scroll through the internet for valuable content, which they then share with their communities. To be a pro at content curation, the most important thing is to source the right content and present it to excite the audience. When you curate content for your social sites, it adds a new dimension to your pages.  Content curators seek out specific content, vet it and share it with their online audience.  The process might appear to be an easy one, but it is a lot more difficult. As it is not just looking out for the right content but also presenting it in a way that would attract followers. Your followers will look up to you for information and news.   Here are some reasons why content curation is gaining massive popularity:
  1. It directly brings your community to you. 
  2. Visitors tend to stay longer on your profiles 
  3. It helps in enhancing the brand’s identity, trust and profits, ultimately
  4. You become someone people look up to because of content curation and not a creation
Content Aggregation Content aggregation is of two types. The first being, pooling someone else’s content that you found from their feed, while the second one involves creating and publishing content that originated from you and then gets aggregated. The benefits of the first kind of content(pooling content) are: 
  • Reduces the confusion of the followers as the social channels are in unison
  • Up-to-date information is made available to the followers
  • Fetching relevant information gets easy without putting in a lot of work 
However, there is a significant disadvantage in this form of aggregated content. When you automate, you are not involved in the process. But the process of content curation is a manual process, and it allows you to make a stronger connection with followers as you show your personality.  But, the most effective form of aggregated content is when you create content yourself in this process. Automation is not a problem in this instance, as you allow your personality to show. This kind of content has thought leadership.  It is only when the audiences better connect to you that growth is possible. Moreover, it enables you with a better chance to stick them around by showcasing your personality. It is something that’d make your work special. As you give your readers the best and the undiscovered, not what Google thinks is the best. So, dive in deep, find those blogs that haven’t been able to grab the people’s attention but have out of the world content.  The Verdict: Focus On Both Creation And Curation  Regardless of whether you want to aggregate content or curate it, ensure that your personality comes out. Content curation is when you position yourself as someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry by sharing relevant content.  If you aggregate content, make sure it is your own, so you can establish yourself as someone who understands your industry by sharing relevant content and come across as an expert thought leader.  So, what is the difference between aggregated content and curated content is you.  Understand your audience and give them what they look out for. That is the best way to deal with your strategy. 

Over To You 

Social media platforms have given people the opportunity to speak their minds out, which makes this space so influential. Having a strong online presence has help businesses thrive in the competition.  Using social media to your advantage can be your best bet. Create content that enhances your presence and attracts the viewer’s attention to you, and amplifies your follower base. 
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