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Digiperform helped me to live my entrepreneur dream. – Deepika Seksaria

Digiperform helped me to live my entrepreneur dream. – Deepika Seksaria

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“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in.” – Anonymous

This is well-catered by one of our trainees who haven’t even hesitated to re-start her career and fulfill her dream – “The Dream to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur after 18 years of her marriage.

Meet Digiperformer Deepika Seksaria

B.Sc Graduate, Lovely Housewife, and Mother of Two Handsome Kids &

Now, A Ful-Fledged Digital Marketer. 

deepika seksaria She has always been fascinated by how the digital industry works, how Facebook Ads run, why Google always shows searches before you even complete the sentence, and etc. We decided to get in touch with her and ask, Why after 18 years of marriage, she decided to make this move? She said with a very sweet smile, “I have two sons, elder one is studying in 12th standard and younger one in 10th. Now, my sons have grown up and started taking care of each other. Sometimes, I even feel they need me or not. Hahaha (laughs). I discussed with my husband that most of the time I get idle and have nothing to do. Shall I start following my passion for writing?” He was curious to know how I have come with this thought? Later he said If I’m really interested, then I should go for a bigger level. He said I should go with the trend. And, the trend is all about online marketing i.e. Digital Marketing. And, Digital Marketing will answer all queries that I used to ask him every time while having dinner. I researched for the best digital marketing course in Delhi and got to know about Digiperform Pitampura. The same moment I got enrolled in the weekday classes. After my first session of website development, I created my first website,, all my own. To be honest, It felt amazing. I still feel the goosebumps even when I think about it. 😀 In, I share various techniques to aware people of how to live life happily and peacefully. Also, just after completing my digital marketing course, I got hired by 3 clients to handle their website’s blog and social media pages as a Freelancer. All thanks to Digiperform. They really helped me in each session to learn everything about digital marketing. Now, my passion and their perfect training helping me to grow and live my entrepreneurial dream. How? I am planning to open my own Digital Marketing Agency where I would be hiring digital marketing teams as well. I’ll definitely work hard to take it another level. After partnering with some clients, I have planned to start my own venture and obvious along with my loving husband.


Wow, Deepika. You are amazing. It feels great and appreciated when our trainees work so hard to follow their passion. We are happy to help you and play the role of your mentor on your journey. We wish you great success and happy life. You will definitely grow as a Women Entrepreneur.

More About Deepika Seksaria:

She’s a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has completed Reiki level 1 and level 2, basic of Serenity Surrender (a healing modality developed by Shivi Dua) and has a diploma in Masters in Psychology and Counseling. Look below to have a look at the video shared with us stating her experience at Digiperform, how much she loved our training and what made her learn digital marketing from us.
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