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How is Digital Marketing both an Art and a Science?

How is Digital Marketing both an Art and a Science?
Marketing has been evolving since many ages as per people’s requirements and trends. This evolution has brought the latest trend and gaining lots of popularity among businesses and marketers, which is Digital Marketing. It is the type of technology-based marketing that helps business to promote and advertise the products and services to target masses through the digital mediums and devices. The Internet is the main the source for this evolution as people are reluctantly depended on it for their basic needs and livelihood. Searching anything or everything on Google has become common practice among all. This dependency has given marketers a reason to approach the masses through the digital mediums. There always been a conception and topic of discussion between marketers that is Digital Marketing is an Art or a Science? art1 You have must hear many times people saying that “Marketing is an Art”. If you haven’t then you must have definitely heard, “Marketing is a Science”. Everyone seems to debate often that Digital Marketing falls into one of the two categories and furies over which fits best. I believe Digital Marketing falls in both the categories. How and why? Let’s discuss. Digital Marketing as an Art! One of the roles of Digital Marketing is to understand the human behavior and target the same interested audience for marketing. When marketers create buyer persona, they consider all the likes and dislikes or factors that make people so amazing. During the process, marketers don’t create a picture however they imagine an actual person or masses. This kind of ideology and creativity can’t be a science. It’s required virtual thinking capability and imagination which can only a great artist can have as it is all based on assumptions on research and analysis. art 2 Once the target audience is decided, marketers work hard to create campaigns and try best to reach the same target audience. These campaigns involve content writing and design, which are the general requisite of an art. When the campaign runs, even changes are made as per the result which something does not attribute to science as changeability isn’t something attributed to science. So, these signs make me believe that the Digital Marketing or any form of marketing is an art and marketer is somehow the legendary artist to be précised. Digital Marketing as a Science! Though creativity plays a major role in marketing campaigns, however, we can’t deny the fact the result is only driven by data. A study of the audience most likely to use products and services is the only way to develop an accurate buyer persona. After some testing, the buyer personas are twisted and polished. Without the data from that testing, fluidity is not possible. Digital Marketers know the importance of Analytics as it plays a major role in establishing market campaigns. As a marketer, one should use A/B testing to determine what changes should be made to achieve better results. art 3 Those changes are recommended to the content or copywriter, our designers, who then use the art capability to create new versions of the same campaign. Without this scientific approach, no one would have any way to improve upon the already done marketing campaigns. Conclusion: The debate is finally having some approach that Digital Marketing is an art as well a science. Both the categories always need a striking balance to give the best result. Predicting when and why demand will rise fall under science while creating the demand and design are definitely an art. If you agree with my point of view, then Roger that in the comment section or else kindly let me know in which style or category of marketing you believe more and why. Do you admire Marketing as an Art or a Science?
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