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“Digital Marketing is a vast field at this moment & surely it’ll grow in the coming future.”- Ankit Dhadwal

“Digital Marketing is a vast field at this moment & surely it’ll grow in the coming future.”- Ankit Dhadwal
In DigiTalks by Digiperform, Meet Ankit Dhadwal, Founder & CEO of Mount Woods Studio Pvt. Ltd, a Branding and Consultancy agency, a go-getter entrepreneur, risk-taker, traveler, leader, and so on. His journey is full of wow experiences, treasures, and of course hard work. we decided to get in touch with him to know more about his passion, work, and team.

1. First, welcome to our industry speak section, DigiTalks by Digiperform. It’s a pleasure to take your interview. Our viewers would like to know about you. Please walk us through your background.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Digiperform team for creating a platform such as Digitalks where entrepreneurs like me can share their stories with the world. You are a renowned Brand Name in the industry and what you guys are doing is very good. So keep it up. My Name is Ankit Dhadwal and I’m the Founder & CEO of Mount Woods Studio Pvt. Ltd. I belong to a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh called Solan. I have done my Diploma in CSE from Lovely Professional University and Graduated from Rayat Bahara Institute of Technology, Mohali, Punjab in 2015. I always wanted to become an Engineer and when I completed my Engineering that was a very proud moment for me and my family.  Entrepreneurship was always there in my blood as from my childhood I used to think about running my business one day but at that time I was not clear which business will that be. I also colored stones and pebbles, sold them in my class. Also, my mom is a successful businesswoman of her time and still running her clothing business which is Mount Clad. When I was pursuing my Diploma, One of my seniors introduced me to blogging and I was so impressed that I wanted to give it a try. I always loved building beautiful websites so blogging became my area of interest. So being a coder myself I thought if I’ll learn the basics of digital marketing, it will add extra weight to my resume plus the income generated from it will be the cherry on the cake. I think that has helped me a lot in understanding the online market and how it works and currently I’m living my dreams and working day & night to achieve the milestones that I have set for me and my company Mount Woods Studio Pvt. Ltd.

2. You are the Founder of Mount Woods Studio. Please tell us about your company, products, and services. Share the foundation with us.

We are a Branding and Consultancy agency where we solve design problems faced by businesses. We help them in building a unique Brand Identity by creating High-Quality Custom Designs. For example, some people think a logo is just a logo but those who have worked with us understand the value that we are adding to it. There is a huge misconception that a logo is a brand that is clearly not. It’s a tool to represent your brand to customers. That’s where we come in helping them to understand what actually a Brand is and how to build it. We do provide digital solutions globally which include Web Development, UI/UX, Graphic Designing, 2D Animation, Product Photography & Video Production. Talking about our clientele, we have customers across the USA, Australia and PAN India who have seen significant growth while working with us. From Startups to MNCs We have worked with them all.

3. What is the strength of your company? How you hunt new projects for your company?

Team Members are the real strength of the company as they are the ones who have the same mentality as I do. We all wanted to grow and nurture our knowledge. I can’t do everything on my own so having such team members is like a blessing for me. We have team members who specialize in Graphic Designing, Animation, Creative Directors, Digital Marketing Strategists, and our Founder Mr. Pankaj Tilara who is so talented with coding that no matter how hard a problem is, he can solve it smoothly and efficiently. As I am blessed with such great team members similarly we are also blessed with reference from client to client. We do online marketing but most referrals & recommendations work for us. That’s the power of custom-built work as they are unique and creative that clients refer us. Also, most importantly, we believe in building long term business relationships with our clients rather than selling our services to them. That’s where our Consultancy part comes in. We talk before moving ahead and understand their requirements first.

4. How much you believe that digital marketing is evolving in 2020? What are the three trends you would like to suggest to everyone?

I’m glad that you asked this question. Digital Marketing in 2020 is the most promising and booming sector where everyone needs to follow the strategies and tactics to survive in the market. If you need to excel in the field of digital marketing in 2020 then you need to have a decent knowledge of important trends that will affect this industry greatly in 2020. Some of these trends in 2020 are:
  • Typography – The more Highlighted your message is, the better it is. Take any website like Godaddy, Dribbble, Netflix, Amazon, etc, you will see bolder text where a clear message is given to their customers about what they do and provide.
  • Alt Text – This was a small thing in the past decade but now Google is focusing a lot more on emphasizing the importance of “Alt Text” and this goes for the images titles as well as other media.
  • Page Loading Speed – One of our clients met with Google team in San Francisco where they clearly said you should have a very good loading speed for every page of your website as in this digital era of high internet speed no one wants to visit a page that takes too long to open.

5. If someone is operating a startup and looking for various ways to content, what kind of strategy you would offer him/her to follow to deliver the best content and reach out to the maximum audience? Let’s say, one owns a small restaurant. What kind of strategies should be followed, as a marketer and entrepreneur? 

Well, we have our client Aliya Nada Saifi from Pune who was a food blogger and now running Food Delivery Kitchen called Roghandaaz. I met her through Urban clap where we started with logo design and then did full branding for her. So I can relate this question to yours very clearly with her. She is running her business successfully and having a wide range of audiences.  Before starting any business we always suggest to bring your thoughts on paper. This helps you get clarity on what actually you want to do and how you will execute things. Next is identifying your customers. If you don’t know who your customers are, what they want, you will end up giving up soon. Once you have identified your customer then the real challenge is to develop your market which is time-consuming. I believe Your Work Teaches you everything. Aliya Nada did the same thing while working with her, we were in constant touch and communicating with each other on how to proceed further. Once the branding part was done, her blogging friends and influencers helped her in building the base of her business. Then instead of working on her site, she kept that in 2nd phase as she knew it would take time to get orders directly on her website. So she opted for Food Delivery Giants like Ubereats, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. which were already having a larger audience, proper CMS and analytics to measure growth rate and revenue. She developed everything step by step in phases and we were always there to help. Till now, the quality is not compromised which has given them very good ratings on these platforms.

6. Knowing your high professional activity, how do you combine your agenda to fulfill the tasks as a marketer, consultant, and entrepreneur?

It’s not an easy task to put all three on the same plate, so to maintain a proper balance and still combining the agenda we try to put them on different plates and balance them all together to create a beautiful experience which not only satisfies me but the one who we are dealing with. After all its all about customer satisfaction and that’s what matters to me. If they are happy and had an amazing experience working with me, I think I have achieved milestone and moved one step further in my journey.

7. Digital Entrepreneur. Today’s millennial entrepreneurs consider themselves a Digital Entrepreneur? What is your point of view on that?

I think it’s good to hear and I feel nice about their success. They are on their journey and achieving what they always wanted to. Even I follow people who are doing exceptionally well in this industry and when I compare myself with them, my hunger to gain knowledge increases. It’s all about the time which is the only key for true success, according to me.

8. How do you see digital marketing evolving in the future? What are the top three trends do you foresee for the coming year?

As we all know that digital marketing is a vast field at this moment and surely it’ll grow in the oncoming future. So I think that in the oncoming future we will see people doing specialization in a particular field of Digital Marketing. But all we can do is speculate according to the current pattern and there might be some major improvements and changes that we may not know but still, we can mold ourselves according to the change. According to me, these trends will always be there which were in the past decades:
  1. Specialization
  2. The content was the king and will remain forever.
  3. Backlinks will remain the backbone of the digital marketing community

9. As you are aware, Digiperform provides training to people who want to make a career in digital marketing which includes content marketing as well. What exactly you would like to suggest newcomers who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

According to me, if you have made your mind to be on your entrepreneurial journey and are ready to tackle any situation then just go for it. I must say that it will not be an easy journey but that doesn’t mean it’s not achievable. There will be many successful failures which you will remember for your entire life but after that, the knowledge and lessons learned will be priceless and no one could have taught you. Digiperform is doing a great job as they are showcasing the experiences of people from where newbies can learn, inspire, grow and try not to commit those mistakes which they did. Digital marketing is an awesome field where there is no end to learning. Just keep going and keep digging in it. Always think you are a newbie even if you have achieved a lot because there will be someone else who has the same mentality to grow and nurture his/her skills.

10. According to you, what are the various ingredients for a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur?

Well, the grass is always greener on the other side and for those who think you will enjoy a lot when running your business think 10 times again. In 9 to 5 jobs, you only handle the pressure of work but still able to enjoy time with family. But in Entrepreneurship, you have to handle a lot of things at the same time. Even the college drop-outs think it is Cool to start their own business but once you enter it, there is no going back. At the month-end, you have to worry about the office rents, employees’ salaries, clients, 24/7,365 days of work, etc. Having a strong mental balance is very necessary which develops with time and your patience will be tested every day. It has his own perks and benefits which you will receive after years of learning and a vision.   Like I always wanted to start my own business and I have seen my Mom working hard day and night for us. So I had an idea about this but real challenges came when I entered fully into it. According to me there are 3 main ingredients for becoming a successful Entrepreneur and this can be related to any field like being a Digital Marketer:
  • Consistency
  • Learning Attitude no matter what position you are at
  • Give your best shot and no matter what it takes Never Give Up  
“Dreams is a foundation of every castle” so just go for it. You can follow Mountwoods On Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Behance 
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