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Facebook is promoting Loyalty Prediction Ad Service Tool

Facebook is promoting Loyalty Prediction Ad Service Tool
In the wake of the Congress that is trying to determine how Facebook handles user data and among the unanswered questions at Mark Zuckerberg in the US, CEO of Facebook got stumped when he was asked that if he would be willing to change Facebook’s Business Model in order to protect users’ privacy after such a mess. In the past few days, Facebook’s data collection has received a lot of attention and obligation from a security perspective. A lot of questions have been asked related to privacy which made CEO baffled and questionable. In the same context, it has been claimed that Facebook is currently promoting an advertising tool “Prediction of loyalty ” or “Loyalty Prediction” powered by Artificial Intelligence. Facebook ad service allows advertisers to target users based on predicted behavior as opposed to past actions. The Intercept (online news publication) has obtained what it claims is a recent document that describes a new service being offered to Facebook’s advertising clients. Going beyond micro-targeting ads based on your past and present behavior, Facebook is offering to use its artificial intelligence to predict what you will do in the future. This technology will give clients the opportunity to intervene through a barrage of influence. The advertising service tool will allow Facebook advertisers to create campaigns that can exceed demographics and user preferences. It will be a small step forward in targeting users interested in disengaging from business with the brand. The technology would be connected to Facebook’s FBLearner Flow, an artificial intelligence-powered prediction engine announced for the first time in 2016. Although it was not clear earlier, however, Facebook declined FBLearner Flow is used for marketing applications, but that it uses machine learning for commercials. Talking about the update, with the “Loyalty Prediction” tool, Facebook is not only curating thousands of data points across its user base through Loyalty Prediction tool, just to serve up ad audiences; it would feed those data points into a machine learning system that will anticipate the next big data point. Facebook has also explained how this loyalty prediction ad service can cover its entire user base of over two billion individuals and produce millions of people who are at risk of leaping from one brand to another. Any time Zuckerberg was asked questions during the question-answer gala for a solution to a tough problem by a member of Congress this week; his response repeatedly was some variation on -better AI will solve it. Well, the company calls FBLearner Flow the backbone of its AI initiative and it introduces plenty of problems of its own. But Facebook isn’t the only company for concern, in a current scenario almost every company is working on machine learning in one way or another. For now, AI systems will be clumsy, but likely superior to old-fashioned market research. It’s a big turn of event where we should really consider whether we shall continue in this direction.
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