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How a typical broke college student made $25 million at the age of 28?

How a typical broke college student made $25 million at the age of 28?


Founder: Nathan Hirsch & Connor Gillivan

Launch Year: 2015

Location: California

Issue it solves: Connecting remotely all the freelancers & business owners.

Freelancing platforms are changing the way we work. It’s actually boon for those who are seeking for an additional means to pay the bills, in search of more professional development opportunities or love the freedom that freelancing offers. But, one of the challenges of being a freelancer is continuously finding new clients. It’s now becoming a hurdle for freelancers, particularly ones who are just starting out. Looking at this barrier, a 28-year-old Nathan Hirsch curates a common platform ‘’ for freelancers and business owners to get connect & explore globally.

How did the Journey begin?

Being a broke college student, Nathan explores numerous ways just to earn side money. Talking about the beginning, Co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp says, “I started out just looking for side money and I want to do anything I could do just to make money on the side and what I started doing is buy and sell the textbooks. ” This high impact entrepreneur founded his first e-commerce company out of his college dorm room in 2009 and started selling textbooks on Amazon. Later, he started experimenting with sporting equipment, computers, DVDs, toys and baby products. The business was escalated so quickly that at the age of 20, this young man, managed to sell over $25 million worth of product over 5 years. And consequently, he wanted to expand his business dedicatedly to make big. However, as a 20-year-old lad, not many people would take him seriously and his hiring zone was limited to just college students. Hence he got introduced to the remote-hiring world. But again the journey was not so easy. The freelancing platforms were so complex, exhausting and time taking. And that was a game changer time for him. He discovered the power of outsourcing and ended up building a remote army of freelancers.

How FreeeUp Works?

FreeeUp acted as an online hiring marketplace that allows business owners fast access to a hand-picked network of top talent freelancers. The platform interviews hundreds of freelancers each week and only allow the top 1% of applicants into the network. The company has been growing at rapid paces (500%+ YoY) and has quickly become a top destination to hire online for over 3,000 businesses around the world.

How to get started as a Business owner:

Step 1:  Create an account and request the specific worker you need. Step 2: Get introduced to the pre-vetted reliable worker. Step 3: Start your work & track hours

How to get started as a Freelancer:

Step 1: Click apply to become a freelancer Step 2: Fill out the application and provide as much information as possible and they’ll get back to you. Step 3: Building yourself as a business and showcasing your skillets? What are the two or three things that you can offer? Step4: And give the clients experience at a high level

Facing the competition:

During the conversation, when Nathan asked about the competition, then Young man replied politely,  “Awesome man that battle was pretty exciting especially like when there are already people out there in the market” The concept of FreeeUp is far different from others. The sole idea is to cover-up those things and hurdles in which other marketplaces are lacking. The unique way of providing the complete solution to both freelancers and business owners gives free up a competitive edge.

The biggest piece of advice

FreeeUp was established with the passion for online hiring and with the agenda to provide real solutions for millions of freelancers and online businesses that exist across the globe. On his biggest advice, Nathan Says, “I guess customer service is the number one thing for any kind of business. It’s the only thing which you should be focusing more upon when you are running a business or any kind of work because if you take care of your people you don’t need to take care of your business.” People say that the first impression is the last impression, but what I personally think is the first impression is not the last impression, but it may be a lasting impression.  
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