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How starting a blog can advance your career prospects?

How starting a blog can advance your career prospects?
Today, blogging is not only a pastime activity, it has become a full-fledged career. Plenty of people understands that blogging is not just limited to creating or reading content, it has become a voice that can impact as well as improve millions of lives. Starting a blog can boost your career at totally new levels. It can be followed as a full-time career or help you in your business branding. Additionally, it can also provide you various freelancing opportunities. Whether you have absolutely no idea about how blogging can advance your career prospects or you know the basics but want to learn more, this post will give a thorough breakdown of the topic.

Who Can Blog?

This sounds incredible but almost anyone with a passion for the profession and writing skills can start a blog. Furthermore, starting a blog is fairly simple as you can open a free blog from or Alternatively, you can buy a superb domain name, web hosting, and other essentials for starting a blog to boost your career. Surely, you would be passionate about some areas of your daily work and possess excellent knowledge with experience. Starting a blog on this professional passion can boost your career in ways you may never have heard. The first step to starting a blog to boost your career is by taking inventory of skills and experience. This means, finding what areas where you excel at work and writing about it. The next is by reading a good, simple and practical guide on how to start a blog. Practice your writing skills first before putting articles online.  Also, support your blogs with fantastic pictures, videos and reference links where possible.

How a Blog Can Boost Career

Here are the few pointers that will make you believe why starting a blog can boost your career:

Blogging Creates Your Online Reputation

Blogging helps you create an excellent online reputation. Especially, within your professional field. Nowadays, most people keep abreast with the latest developments in their specialization by reading interesting articles and blogs online. By blogging, you are actually helping others to gain knowledge vital for their professional growth and career. Instead of browsing through countless resources, they search for your articles. However, people are not waiting to pounce on your blog: it has to be promoted to attract readers.  When your articles get a broad audience, you become famous as a blogger in your expertise. Your online reputation soars up immediately. The blog helps you gain a healthy reputation and respect within your profession. Top managers and decision makers also learn about you.

Provides Immense Knowledge

Nobody says blogging is easy. Instead, it requires a lot of serious effort. You will spend several hours researching into finding the latest trends and what people in your profession want to learn. Then there are several long hours of research from reliable sources and websites. During the time, you learn about new and emerging technologies and best practices in use abroad or in other organizations. In this manner, starting a blog can boost your career to new, higher levels. This knowledge can be put to test practically during work to increase own productivity while acquiring higher skills. Consequently, you become a serious contender for promotions and increments. You can also train juniors in these new skills. Top 10 Indian Bloggers )

Enables Professional Networking

Usually, only professionals or people interested in your field will read the blog. And they will post comments on your writings. Such comments enable you to correct glitches or understand what is happening at the moment in that specific industry or field. Further, it helps you develop a network of professionals located within your country and abroad. A blog enables people to connect with you and share the article with others on their professional network. Developing a network of professionals has its own benefits. It makes you popular in the industry. Should the need arise, you can contact these professionals on your network for advice on some tricky situation at work. This is yet another way of how starting a blog can boost your career.

Creates Impressive Social Media Profile

Facebook is the largest social media platform and helps you to likely stay connected. Facebook allows you to publicize your blog, LinkedIn profile and other social media pages through your account. Your social media profile appears very impressive when you provide connections to the blog. You can publicize the blog through Facebook and LinkedIn. Nowadays, lots of companies also look at social media profiles of employees or for prospective while hiring. An impressive social media profile attracts almost instant attention. They look for references and your professional network rather than academic qualifications and experience. A good social media profile does help in furthering your career too.

Makes Money on the Side

You can make money online through blogging as well.  Google AdSense is a free resource from Google, the world’s largest search engine. By subscribing, you are giving Google AdSense permission to display advertisements on your blog. When anyone clicks on these ads, you get money from Google. Secondly, having own blog also helps make money on the side while providing a boost to your career. You can write paid reviews of products or services. And you can do affiliate marketing for some companies. All these techniques of making extra money on the side are legit and do not involve much work. Nor can your current employer object to affiliate marketing, earning from Google Ads or writing paid reviews unless there is a conflict of interests. Top 10 Indian Bloggers - 4 (1)

Promotes Entrepreneurship

While these above five advantages of starting a blog can boost your career, there is one more benefit too. Starting own blog promotes entrepreneurship. You can utilize the skills you acquire for starting own consultancy business. There are several professionals that began started blogging and graduated as consultants in their respective fields. Nowadays, consultancy is a huge business around the world. The global consultancy market is expected to be worth US$158 billion by 2022. This includes consultancy services of large companies as well as freelancers and small businesses. Worldwide, the demand for consultancy services is on the upswing. Starting a blog can help you become an entrepreneur too.

In Conclusion

As we have seen, there are several ways of how starting a blog can boost your career. Given these advantages, you would surely be interested. Before you embark on a journey as a blogger, research into trending topics in your expertise. Practice your writing skills. When you are confident, just launch your own blog.
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