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What is blogging and how to promote a blog?

What is blogging and how to promote a blog?
In our regular day to day life, while surfing, we come across many posts and articles where people share their personal views, day to day information, educational entries and much more. While reading them, many of readers also feel that they should try their hand over the same and share views with the world. Blogging is the safest way to get connected with millions of people and share your stories in your words without any consent. So if you are on the same page, then you must first need to understand the concept of blogging, what a blog is and how you can promote yourself as a blogger to the world without any pain. In this article, I will share you the basic of blogging with its importance. What is a blog? In digital marketing language, a blog which is also called as weblog or web log is a website consisting of posts (entries) appearing in a reverse chronological order with the most recent appearing first. It can be personal as well as the professional website. blog But in layman language, a blog is your personal updated online journal where you can express yourself and share your views with the world. The platforms where you share your thoughts mingle with words and images and introduce your passion to the world. And, the act of writing a post for a blog is Blogging. There are no boundaries in blogging. A blog can be in any form, words, images or both and videos. In the same way, blogging has unlimited versions, you can create your own blog or can be a guest blogger for someone else website, you can be a personal blogger who shares his/her passion or can write for any professional website. A blogger is a person who writes a post and a writer has no threshold to follow and share his/her passion and skill. How to promote a blog? Every day one blogger is born; however, very few of them are actually aware how to promote the blog. The online web is vast and filled with unlimited same passion and skills. So one should know the concept how to promote a blog and get acknowledged on the online web for the same. The followings are must in my guide list when it comes to promoting a blog: 1)    Quality Content: The first and most important part to gain a maximum audience is to create a great content. It needs to be awesome if you want to stand out in the crowd. Don’t copy someone style of writing, create your own style. qua 2)    Share on Social Media: Every time you publish your post, make sure you share the same on social media, whether it’s your personal or professional account. Social Media gives you a wide and basic range to gain your audience as people spend most of the time on social media to read and try new things. face 3)    Participate in Forums: There are many forums where people get assemble to discuss specific topics. It is quite similar to blog commenting, by participating in the conversations and sharing your views by adding value to it. It can help to draw attention towards you and your blog. Other participants may follow you for same. forums 4)    Use Quora: Quora is a place where you can ask and answer questions. This is the best platform to create threads on anything and includes links to your blog. Search topics on Quora related to your blog and answer them including your blog links for more depth advice. Many of these links get viewed over the months or years to come. quora 5)    Build an Email List: Building an email list is very necessary for a long run. Keep sending the interesting and educational blog to your email subscribers to stay in touch with them. This makes them feel important and helps in creating engaging audience base. mail Writing great blog posts takes both time and patience. Just give your best shots and put all your hard word in the right direction. There are unlimited ways to promote your blog. Tell me how you promote your blog and share the detail in the comment section.
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