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How to Get More Views on YouTube: 12 Tactics that Actually Work

How to Get More Views on YouTube: 12 Tactics that Actually Work
The 2nd most famous search engine, Youtube has gathered new traction among the millennials. With roughly 22 billion monthly visits and an average session duration of 40 minutes, Youtube has become one of the most sought after marketing strategies that every brand and individual wants to be a part of. Over 1 billion videos are daily watched on youtube, which is more than both Netflix and Youtube combined. Youtube has also given rise to various influencers who have made their mark in the industry and have become popular names. With youtube constantly evolving and changing, it has become a place for marketers, but still only 62% of the business you youtube as a channel to post their video content. People are still realizing that youtube when used effectively, is an extremely popular business tool, but to boost your sales one needs more views. While organic views are needed the most on youtube some people are buying views in order to stay in the game. This view buying could work earlier but now with YouTube’s bot detection capabilities, the algorithms are paying more attention to user behavior rather than view counts.

Nevertheless, there are reliable services that offer real likes and followers in comparison to bots. YouTube would recognize the increase in followers as authentic organic traffic and not as spam.

For example, such services as can offer you buying 1000 youtube subscribers and even more, depending on your aim and needs. Buying subscribers can be beneficial at the beginning of the channel to gain popularity and attract more audiences.

It may also be a helpful step in business promotion for your company or your product. People stick to what they trust. Some new accounts with no subscribers will not be as attractive as those that are already popular and have a thousand or more followers.

That is why no matter which further actions you take to get more views, begin with the audience, which will give a necessary boost to your channel.

Now, as you’ve started and had some curious eyes ready to follow what you are to offer, follow these 12 easy and necessary tips to gain more views on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget that everything is connected. Correct tactics with your videos attract more followers, who, in turn, increase your likes, which attract even more subscribers.

12 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Today we shall be discussing how you can get more views on Youtube organically without having to use any illegal means for the same. Engaging content There are many factors that will attract views to your videos, but what will matter the most is your content. Content is what keeps the audience engaged and glued to your video and may watch the other videos as well. All the hacks or ads that you may use in your video will not matter if the script is not good. Also, make sure you are not inserting too many ads on your videos as that is a turn-off and may increase the bounce rate of the viewers. Use Keyword Rich Titles and Description Youtube similar to Google works on SEO which is directly linked to the keywords and description that you use. Thus, this is where keyword research comes into play. A very interesting and descriptive title will provide relevancy to your video along with providing the audience with information about what the video has in store. For this, you can use keyword research tools like keyword planner, Google trends by choosing the Youtube option. Using the right keyword will help you gain organic traffic and syncing your video to what the people are searching for. You can also optimize your titles by keeping it  60-70 characters long, discovering relevant keywords by typing potential keywords into the search bar to see what appears in the autocomplete, but do not forget that the bots will be working behind the scenes, in the front, it is the humans who will be increasing your views.  Thus, its aims for a balance between accurate, informative, and attention-grabbing. Along with the title, even your description must be of good quality and keyword-rich. While the title has to be small, the description is where you can better inform the search engines. The description will help improve your click-through rate and in turn your views. Description and title which is both SEO online and yet very unique makes you stand out and gain the much-needed views on your Youtube Videos. During the usage of keywords make sure you do not use unnecessary keywords. YouTube will penalize you for including keywords that are not relevant to your video. Be Updated to Trends Yet Unique Every now and then a new trend is out in the market. It is important that you follow the trend as it already has a huge viewership base. However, if you completely follow the trend without being unique, that too will now work in your favor. So while you should stick to what is trending, make sure you stand out and think something out of the box to get more views. You can also use trending tags on your video in order to increase its visibility and thus get more views. Before you make your own video, look at the trend and see what others have posted and then set a benchmark. You can make the video either entertaining or educative or both but anything random will not resonate with the audience a lot and thus might cut down on your views.
  1. Optimize Your Channel
Creating a youtube channel is easy, but optimizing it to get more video is a little difficult. While Optimizing your channel is extremely important to strengthen your brand and boosting YouTube views, there are plenty of ways in which you can do that. Some of the optimizing ways are:
  1. A Strong and Consistent Brand Aesthetic
Every brand has a vibe and aesthetic attached to it, which is visible in all the websites and social media channels. Keeping the vibe constant, make sure you have the same in your youtube channel as well.  This would mean that the logo, the images, and the color should be the same as that on your website. The profile picture should be 800*800 pixels and the banner should be at least 2560 x 1440 pixels. Consistency helps you optimize your channel and also makes it easy for your audience to identify with your brand by just the vibe of the video and the channel.
  1. YouTube Channel Description
The channel description is what is shown on the ‘About’ tab of your channel. There is a limit of 1,000 characters in the description, so ensure that you make them count. The description should start with a brief description of your brand and the benefits of your product. You also entice the audience into viewing your content and give a brief what your videos are mainly focussed on. Similar to the individual video titles, do not forget to include your targeted keywords in your YouTube channel description. At the end make sure to add your social channels, links to your website, and a way to get in contact.
  1. Add the Channel Keywords
Search and narrow down on the keywords that you wish to use for your brand and the keywords you want your channel to rank for. Now in the search result, click on Channel and then Advanced. In the Channel Keywords tab, include all the keywords that you have researched.
  1. Video Trailer
A video trailer helps all the new visitors know about your channel and what you offer. Thus, a trailer is a must as it gives you the opportunity to:
  • Show viewers what kind of content you create,
  • Highlight the benefits your channel provides,
  • And, encourage them to subscribe.
Thus, through the above methods, you can optimize your youtube channel and get more views.
  1. Focus on Watch Time
The Youtube algorithm is based on the ‘search and discovery system’ based on which it identifies the videos that will be shown on the homepage, in the search results, as suggested videos, under subscription tab, and through the notification. This algorithm helps the entire youtube work so efficiently and smoothly. While understanding the entire Youtube algorithm is difficult, the one work which is of utmost importance is the Watch Time. Every video that is uploaded on each Youtube Channel is ranked by watch time.” Watch Time is the amount of time people spend actually watching your videos. The watch time depends mainly only on the Quality of Youtube videos. So better the video, more people will watch, which in turn will increase the watch time, favoring your video and channel. One can also earn ‘watch time credits’ for referring viewers to other videos.
  1. Encourage to Subscribe
Retaining old customers is a great way to grow your business. It is said that “Your best new customers are your old customers”? The same also holds true for YouTube views. Thus, one of the easiest ways to gain YouTube views is to encourage your current viewers to subscribe to your channel. So both at the start and end of the video ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and also prompt them to turn on the notification bell after they’ve clicked ‘Subscribe.’ This way whenever you upload any video, a notification will be sent to all your subscribers. Growing your subscribers is vital to getting more free YouTube views, so start asking your viewers to subscribe now!
  1. Create Playlist
Youtube Statistics has shown that the  “top-performing brands on YouTube build and promote twice as many playlists as the bottom 25%.” Playlists work so well because of the autoplay option. When a viewer is glued to your video make sure you offer them similar more engaging content, in fact, there’s a cognitive bias at work called ‘loss aversion.’ The playlist also helps improve the search ranking as keywords can be used in the playlist titles as well. To create a YouTube playlist navigate to each video and click on the  ‘+’ icon underneath the video. Similarly, you can add other videos to the playlist too. While playlist creation is important, using eye-catching playlist titles is also important.
  1. Promote Videos
With social media gaining so much traction make sure you promote your videos on all the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your blog if you have one. Promoting these videos will help gain attention and thus more views. You can make things easier through social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. Email marketing is also a great promotion way, the average open rate is 18 percent and a purchase rate of 66 percent, thus email marketing is a powerhouse to achieve sales conversions. It doesn’t need to be too complicated either.
  1. Optimize Your End Screen
Once your video is done, the viewer may stop but you cannot. You can also optimize the end screen to get more views. This can be done by placing the thumbnail of your other videos at the end of the video which is most viewed or is performing extremely well. This will help in generating views on your other videos and thus gaining more audience.
  1. Post About Giveaways and Promotions
As mentioned earlier, go with the trend. The latest trends are giveaways and promotions. WHo doesn’t like a gift and a giveaway will do exactly that. Post about a  promotion, giveaway, or raffle on your social media and let your followers know that the link to participate is in the video description. This will redirect the audience to your video, you can also ask them to comment on your video which will help you gain much-needed engagement.
  1. Keep Reviewing
While the new video is important, do not just leave your old videos unattended.  Find out videos from your channel with above-average audience retention and use the same for the future videos. You can also change the title of your video or add something to your old video to increase engagement. For videos with more than a million views, add the same to your video to increase user engagement.  Go through your analytics and see which point on your video are viewers most engaged and make sure you give them something to look forward to at that time in each video. Your YouTube Analytics will help optimize your future video as per viewer requirement.
  1. Build a Bond
Our viewers are your customers and until you engage with them and form a relationship with them, you will never know what they are expecting or are looking forward to your channel. So always build a bond with your audience through Q&A, answering comments and organizing meetups.  Many times you may get some amazing ideas for your videos from these interactions. Conclusion So right from starting your YouTube channel to being a YouTube star, views are what everyone is craving for. With the immense competition now on YouTube, everyone is trying their level hard to pick up their game and offer the audience something new and titillating. So make sure you too focus on your content, your channel, and your viewers and only then you will be able to make your mark in the industry. The above ways will be of great help in increasing your views on YouTube and thus achieving YouTube fame. Author Bio: Name: Pooja shah Bio: Pooja Shah is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook, and other social tools on the web.
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