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How to Use Digital Technologies to Teach College Students

How to Use Digital Technologies to Teach College Students
The educational sector actively implements different digital technologies to help students reap the necessary benefits. Thanks to smart inventions, college students acquire knowledge and develop their skills much faster. Technology creates multiple applications, programs, devices, and similar stuff every day. They help to overcome different problems almost effortlessly and teachers are expected to teach their students how to use digital technologies appropriately. In fact, most students already know how to use certain digital technologies. For example, they try to find someone online to pay for papers to be written from scratch when they cannot accomplish these college assignments using their knowledge and skills. Teachers should teach them how to use the Internet and other technologies for handling their tasks. This informative article provides the necessary ideas for teachers.

Research via the Internet

One of the most important and beneficial technological creations is the Internet. It provides students with all kinds of information necessary to complete their assignments. Using the World Web, students can create multiple approaches and opportunities to reach educational objectives. Make sure you teach and encourage your students to use the Internet while they fulfill their assignments. You can even devote a lesson or two to show how to make correct research via the Internet. Tell about the trustworthy scientific websites, journals, tutorials, etc. Explain how to distinguish between relevant information resources and fakes.

Create a Backchannel

You should make use of an online backchannel. This will be a separate community where your students can ask you some important questions. It’s a nice opportunity to win their trust and understand their talents, as well as some drawbacks. Moreover, teachers and professors can monitor the progress of their students using different monitoring programs. Don’t forget to schedule the active chat hours when you’ll be available for answering the questions.

Initiate Online Conferences

Many colleges collaborate in different ways. One of them is the organization of online meetings. You can quickly interchange the experience with other institutions using an Internet connection. Your students can communicate with their peers to solve different tasks together. This form of collaboration can be carried out in the form of:
  • Conferences;
  • Lessons;
  • Discussions;
  • Webinars;
  • Workshops;
  • Forums, etc.

Implement Learning Applications

Digital technologies provide students with multiple learning applications. Many college students don’t realize the full potential of such tools and you’re supposed to clarify it. You’ll probably have to devote a couple of lessons to review the benefits of different learning applications. Divide learning applications into several categories and explain their functionality and usefulness for the learning process. These are:
  • E-books;
  • Grammar and spell checkers;
  • Anti-plagiarism applications;
  • Topic generators;
  • Organizers and planners;
  • Citation generators;
  • Editors, etc.
Find information about each category. It’s better to review at least three applications out of each category. Highlight their main functions and how to use them for educational purposes.

Consider Blog Writing

Many youngsters are fond of writing blogs. They help to feel useful for other people or simply to express themselves. Turn their blogging activity to your advantage. Tell them to write blog posts every week in your community. Don’t bother your students with academic essays if they don’t like them. It’s better to allow for writing on free topics. Thus, students will be more enthusiastic because they’ll be able to disclose the problems, which are important for them. You may also arrange some friendly competitions. Post the top-three best blogs of the week on the backchannel and give some rewards for the winners. This will stimulate other students to improve their skills to become the best writers of the week as well.

Encourage Online Collaboration

The success of students frequently depends on their possibility to work in a team. Consequently, you should encourage collaboration using technology. It can be easily arranged using the Internet and an appropriate application. Let your students create their small communities to collaborate online. They’ll have their own live chat to discuss and find solutions for their common problems. Ask them to download the accomplished projects to your backchannel. Thus, you’ll instantly check their projects to provide the necessary feedback.

Assign Projects Using Technology

You should also ask your students to frequently implement technological inventions to fulfill some of their assignments. We’ve already mentioned that Internet researching should be used by college students. Besides, various applications may also come in handy. For example, ask them to prepare materials for certain lessons looking for the necessary information online. Students can act as teachers too. They should be welcome to implement PowerPoint presentations and other interactive programs to make their projects more vivid and interactive. If you’re a teacher/professor, you should understand that technology is our friend. Explain to your students how to use it efficiently. Thus, your students will complete their assignments faster, more accurately, and productively. Consequently, it’ll make them more enthusiastic about the learning process.
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