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How To Use Social Media Videos Throughout The Marketing Funnel?

How To Use Social Media Videos Throughout The Marketing Funnel?
Let’s just admit it, every now and then we’ve all paused to admire a stunning visual that appeared on the screen through our endless pursuit of scrolling. From those cute cat or dog videos to prominent brands, everyone is vying for the attention. The point is no one is oblivious to the charm of visual content nowadays. This is why more and more businesses are jumping into the bandwagon of social media videos to promote their products and services. According to stats, videos generate 1,200x more shares than images and text combined. So, if you’re still having second thoughts about tapping the potential of social media videos, then this stat should serve as a wake-up call.

Remarkable Ideas To Use Social Media Videos For Your Marketing Campaigns

Now even before you begin presenting social media videos, you need to determine how you can use them through different stages of the marketing funnel (attract, convert, close, delight). This way you can guarantee video’s effectiveness in engaging your target audience. With that thought, let’s proceed to discuss how you can use social media videos as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Present Product Explainer Videos

If you sell any kind of material goods, whether its t-shirts, jewelry, or Halloween costumes– videos can play a vital role in securing that sale. 71% of customers believe that videos explain the products way better than images. Let’s say that you’re selling a Smartphone. If you share a picture of the product, your audience will have a clear idea of what the device looks like. But if someone wants to buy a Smartphone, they may also have queries that the picture won’t answer. They may have questions like, how is the camera quality of the phone? What are the latest features it comes with? How good is its battery life? How much storage space does it offer? You can answers to these queries through your videos which will help your target audience to come to a purchase decision.

Leverage Social Media Videos To Answer Questions Or Ask Your Own

This technique works incredibly well on Twitter and Instagram. It could be a simple way to start with social media video if you were apprehensive about it. If your consumers are placing multiple queries and you plan on addressing them anyway, why not answer them with a video? In the Twitterverse, you can address the questions that Tweeple ask you in the feed by recording quick video answers. You can send those videos in your reply tweet. And, It’s so easy that you can do this even with your phone! If you want to delve into Insta-world, you can send videos through direct messages answering questions you may receive in your inbox. You can also consider going live and address the queries posted by consumers one by one. This way, you are building a stronger connection to your consumers. It allows you to share a little more of your personality and provides value. And, your consumers will definitely appreciate the personal approach you bring in.

Compile Video Testimonials Of The Consumers

Testimonials are a vital part of your marketing plan because they assist in developing trust behind your product and brand. Video testimonials are even more effective than the normally written testimonials as they bring happy clients to life and enable potential consumers to better relate to the testimonials. It doesn’t have to be a flashy and complex video. You can ask a few of your loyal consumers and ask if they are interested in providing a video testimonial for your brand. Incorporate the video to your Instagram story for a more casual approach and let your viewers naturally develop trust.

Engage With the Audience With Tutorials Or How-to-videos

If you have a service-centric business venture, tutorial videos may resemble product explainer videos for your services. For instance, if you’re a chef, then you can create tutorial videos of gourmet meals or street style delicacies. If you’re a digital marketing expert, then you may want to create a tutorial video of presenting your elevator pitch or creating a marketing campaign. Tutorial videos are particularly beneficial if your services or products require frequent interactions with your consumers (like consulting or coaching). There’s no better way to showcase how you do your work than giving your followers a sneak peek video of how you consult and coach. If you offer tutorials, you can definitely leverage YouTube! 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem.

Share Your Brand Culture

Brand videos can offer a closer look at your team and the culture of your organization. If you want to attract top talent or offer potential consumers a peek into the inner-workings of your organization, consider presenting a brand culture video. A little heads up here though, these types of videos usually take a little longer to produce than the others on the list. But they can leave a lasting impression and can be utilized as recruiting and branding tools for years. You can check out this link to gain more ideas on creating impactful brand videos.

Indulge In A Q&A Session

Your audience may have a lot of questions. These questions generally arise in times like, when you’re offering a new service or launching a product or making changes in your business. Now instead of answering them one by one or sharing them in an FAQ page, answer them with a video! “Facebook Live is an excellent tool for this kind of video content. Facebook Live videos are known to generate 10 times more comments than regular videos”, states Aidan Foster, an expert on assignment help from If you do want to utilize Facebook Live, it’s best to plan in advance and promote it. This way your target audience would know when to watch, and they can be prepared with questions. Another intriguing way to host Q&A is to use the question sticker feature in your Instagram story. Collect questions from your Instagram followers in advance and then record videos answering those questions. You can choose to share your answers on your story or on your Instagram feed.

Transform Your Written or Audio Content Into Videos

This is another brilliant way to present fresh video content to your target consumers. You can revamp the audio and written content into a video format to garner more social shares. It’s also a great way to breathe a new lease of life into older posts or podcasts. Find the top-performing podcasts or blog posts using Google Analytics and then note down the crucial stats, quotes, and elements that you can use in your video. You can then use a video editing tool. With these tools, you can drag and drop text and images, add good background music and create a catchy video in a matter of minutes. In fact, such videos are quite popular and trending on Facebook, and you can use them as paid ads to reach out to a wider audience.


Now that you are acquainted with the different ways to use social media videos to market your brand, it’s time to take some initiatives and act on them. Incorporating videos to your digital marketing strategies would not only provide value to your target audience, but it’ll also skyrocket the engagement and conversion. If you have already tried it, let us know of your experience in the comments below.

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