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How Voice Assistants Could Change the Way We Shop

How Voice Assistants Could Change the Way We Shop
Everyone is considering AI to be the future. These days, almost everyone is incorporating AI technology in their business as well as in other works. Right now, smart speakers are one of the smartest going technologies that consumers are using. Besides, with these smart speakers, interactive technology has reached a new high.  Various business leaders are raising a question – how the voice assistant will bring a change in shopping patterns? Besides, they are also thinking of adopting this technology in their business. Once they incorporate this technology into the business, they can witness various benefits. So, let us dig out the subject a bit more. 

Definition of voice e-commerce

At first, let us understand the definition of voice e-commerce. It is nothing but voice-assisted commerce in e-commerce as well as retail energy. To be precise, this technology allows brand interaction and sales through voice recognition technology.  To some extent, it is similar to traditional e-commerce. There, you have to type a query, and then the search will be conducted. In the case of voice technology, you have to use your voice command instead of typing.  Changes that the e-commerce and retail industry is witnessing due to voice assistant technology Voice shopping completely changed the way of our online shopping and customer interaction. All the brands are trying to promote, upsell, and providing services to their customers without hiring any humans.  Moreover, within a few days, the voice assistant is going to be new normal. Everyone will do shopping with the help of a voice assistant. Now, let us look at the changes that voice assistant technology brings to the market. 

Voice-based shopping is reaching new heights 

It is one of the biggest changes that the retail and e-commerce industry has witnessed. The approach is more like, ‘more talking and less texting.’ Shopping, with the help of a natural voice, is doing great in terms of business and interaction. Besides, the best part is allowing people to multitask instead of spending all the time and focusing on typing. 

Big brands are also accepting this technology 

Another major change that the retail and e-commerce industry is seeing is that big brands are giving importance to this technology. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are giving significance to chatbots, voice interfaces, and Neuro-Linguistic programming. Therefore, it is clear that voice shopping is going to dominate the future. 

Voice assistants are gaining their brand signatures

During the days of radio advertising, brands used jingles and soundbites for the sake of promotion. So, we can also conclude that voice promotion is again back on track. Moreover, ‘Alexa,’ ‘Ok Google,’ and ‘Siri’ are doing a fantastic job and gaining brand significance.  Reasons why voice assistant is changing the way of shopping There are various reasons for which voice assistant will change the future of shopping. For instance, compared to traditional e-commerce, it is quite convenient. Apart from that, there are other reasons, as well. So, here are some of the reasons. 


One of the biggest reasons behind the acceptance of this technology is its frictionless nature. It doesn’t matter how user-friendly your website or app is, or how much effort you are giving for the conversion. There are some frictions involved with it- Take out your phone. Next, unlock your phone. Swipe your phone to get the desired app. Now, tap ta app to open it.  Next, wait until the app is loading.  These are the frictions involved with traditional e-commerce. However, if you use the voice assistant, you can avoid all these steps of friction. All you need to do is to speak and voila.


We already discussed that it is frictionless. So, when you are avoiding the above-written steps, you are saving a considerable amount of money. Besides, compared to typing, we can speak faster. Hence, saving time is one of the traits of the voice assistant, which attracts a lot of customers. 

Capable of converting sales

Apart from speed and smoothness, there is another thing responsible for the growth of voice assistant technology. Well, this technology is capable of converting sales. To be precise, an organization or a company use this technology for marketing in various ways. For example, they can include the sounds of the cityscape, ambient sound, thunderstorms, and numerous other things.  Are there any limitations in the voice assistant technology? Like any other thing, the voice assistant also comes with some limitations. We know that this technology is doing a brilliant job, but some of the limitations it faces are:
  • Language limitation
  • Trust issues
  • Computerized interactions
  • An obvious gap in knowledge
So, this is how voice assistant is going to change the future of shopping. And it is something that we should welcome. Read Also:  Why Is Voice Technology The Future Of Marketing? 7 SEO Tips To Focus On For Small Businesses
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