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India Wide Web: State of Digital Marketing in India 2016

India Wide Web: State of Digital Marketing in India 2016
Stats if leveraged well along with multiple channels help marketers to a great extent in acquiring more customers as well as boosting engagement rich conversions. This is why we have piled up a few very productive stats especially for Indian marketers based on the Octane Research (#VOIM: ‘Voice of India Marketer’ Report).

1. Primary Marketing Goal:


2. Revenue generated by e-Marketing:


3. Online Marketing activities that will see increase in investment:


4. Impact of Integrated Campaigns:


5. Maximising Customer Engagement:

dms-56. How to keep track of your campaign’s success:


Major Highlights of the Digital India in 2016:

Customer Acquisition: Majority of Indian Marketers consider Customer Acquisition as thier primary focus for marketing activities to be carried out in 2016. e-Marketing revenue contribution is above 10% for half of the Indian Marketers: 85% of Indian Marketers are monitoring revenues generated through e-Marketing activities for their business. 50% of the Indian Marketers consider e-Marketing activities to contribute over 10% of share of their revenues. Integrated Campaigns increase Conversion Rates: 80% of India Marketers consider integrated campaigns including Email, Social and Mobile to result in moderate to significant lift in conversion rates. Maximum Customer Engagement is achieved through Social Media updates: with 46%, Social Media updates achieved maximum customer engagement followed by email campaigns with 28%. Top Marketing Activities for 2016: with 66%, Social Media spots the first position in the chart of marketing activities being planned for 2016, followed by Email marketing with 53%. Over 50% of the Marketers are expected to raise investment in Marketing activities. Online Budget for Email Marketing: 45% consumers in India respond positively to email offers accounting for 3 times that by US consumers. 50% of marketers in India will be increasing their investments by 31%-50% in Email Channel in 2016. Influences of Social Media on Email Marketing: Marketers in India are expecting a considerable impact of Social Media on Email Programs with 31% acceleration in growth of subscribers, whihc is a 500% increase from 2015. Email Marketing Segmentation Techniques: India Marketers beleive that Purchase History are quite helpful in craeting Email Marketing Segmentation. Source: Octane Research (#VOIM: ‘Voice of India Marketer’ Report)
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