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What is an Intelligent Digital Marketing?

What is an Intelligent Digital Marketing?
There is no question of doubt that every business wishes to grow. Whether you are a small business, mid-sized company or a large corporation, growth from year to year is always your main agenda. In today’s world, businesses are looking for any kind of alternatives to achieve the success in a faster way. They understand the need of the hour with respect to having more clients or customers. Because of the swift evolution of the modern technologies; marketers and businessmen are well aware of the fact that more than half of the world population is dependent on the source called the Internet for their daily chores and internet is the only medium to get in touch and win over the hearts of the customers. So, an intelligent marketer or businessman understands that having a successful marketing strategy through digital devices can make all the difference in order for a business to succeed or fail. mgr2 If we talk at our country level, with the unveiling launch of Startup India Campaign by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has brought lots of positive hopes among the entrepreneurs in India. It is a known fact that India has the third largest number of startups globally. Prime Minister has kicked off the ambitious Startup India Movement in January 2016 with an aim to fill the gaps in the economy for the growth and development of startups. It will aim to boost digital entrepreneurship at the roots which clearly justify that how Digital Marketing can be used effectively to help position your company as well as the brand in a stronger platform.
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launching the "Startup India" action plan at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI Photo by Kamal Kishore (PTI1_16_2016_000175A)
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launching the “Startup India” action plan at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI
  What is an Intelligent Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the combination of tools and strategies that help marketers and entrepreneurs to promote products or services and target the masses over Internet through digital mediums such as smartphones, laptops etc. An Intelligent Digital Marketing is the mix of right marketing strategies through which you can target the right audience for your business and expect the desired result out of it. Digital marketing provides the platform or plethora of targeting options, from targeting devices to reaching specific people. It helps to learn and execute different types of targeting, the technology used for targeting and how to target more effectively. In this post, I will share what are the types of targeting? What type of Digital Marketing strategies can help you to get the desired results? Types of Targeting: There are two types of Targeting:
  • Inventory Targeting: Target the content in which ad space exists, and which an end user is actively watching. When you set content targeting, you can specify inventory, such as particular publishers, sites, sections, or ad units to target or block. It serves on sites that offer a specific type of content or are visited by frequently by individuals within a particular demographic.
For example: Like an airplane, the company might use its content to a place a company’s ads on specific travel sites or place their ads on sites which contain content related to topics like travel or vacation. ad1
  • User Targeting: It serves advertisement and promotion of the products to individuals who have exhibited a particular behavior or interest. For example, an e-commerce online fashion store will show its ads on fashion blogging site or related to it.
ad2 Types of Segmentation Targeting:
  • Demographic: Marketing segmentation strategy where the audience (potential customers) is divided into externally measurable characteristics.
  • Behavioral: A more focused form of market segmentation, which groups consumers, based on specific consumption patterns they display which include past purchasing history and browsing history.
  • Dayparting: Targeting users that are active at a particular time of day or day of a week.
  • Designated Market Area: A segment Nielsen uses to standardize geographic areas for the purposes of targeting and measurement.
  • Retargeting: Targeting past visitors of your site.
  • Product-related: Segmenting the audience based on usage of a product (such as heavy vs. light).
Digital Marketing Strategies:
  • PPC Advertising: Small Businesses want to stay lean or have not been funded yet usually have a limited budget with every penny to be counted especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. New businesses need to find creative ways to acquire customers and PPC can be very effective channel if it’s done right. It is important that marketers learn to work under PPC budgets to get the highest return on their investment. One of the secrets to running a successful Google AdWords campaign is getting your ads in front of the RIGHT customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is a very cost effective medium to build your voice platform. You can choose the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc as per you business requirement. It helps to interact with existing as well as new customers, involves true engagement with the followers and provides a better connect with the customers. Engagement with audience or customers is must for better results.
  • Email Marketing: This is the simplest, cost-effective, personal, customizable, and measurable tool. Through E-mail marketing, you can communicate with an audience of any size. It builds credibility, provides knowledge, improves communication and boosts sales.
email exam
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing plays a major role in startup success. Content is called as the “King of Marketing”. It’s the basic medium to convey the brand message. This generates real traffic and leads. Be consistent in publishing a great and relevant content to build a relationship with current and prospective clients and brand awareness.
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  • SEO– It stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is most cost-effective with measurable, long-term benefits. It increases the visibility and organic traffic to the website. Using this, there is free branding and it builds trust and credibility. A big advantage is that it opens your business 24X7. Make your website is mobile friendly and secure, especially if is an e-commerce website. Do ensure all pages are working properly; use appropriate tags/headers/descriptions. Optimize for faster page load times, create good content on the site, and focus on online PR – get users to talk about your site.
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  • Growth Hacking: It is a very cost effective method to implement business strategies with the main focus on building, engaging, converting and retaining user base of business. Offer something for free, set up a referral program, and go with exclusivity.
st9 These are constituents of an Intelligent Digital marketing which help you to enhance your business the way to you want. Use them wisely and make most of it.
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