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“Internet will become like electricity — less visible, yet more deeply embedded in people’s lives!”

“Internet will become like electricity — less visible, yet more deeply embedded in people’s lives!”

An Interview session with Mr. Vikas Trivedi, Business Head – ContentMart

He shares with us how they launched the first Content Marketplace in India of its kinds catering to the content requirement of businesses across the world. 


Question: Hello Sir! The first thing we all are eager to know is what prompted you to launch Contentmart, which is the first company in India of its kinds catering to the content requirement of businesses across the world! I mean what was that sparked the idea of launching such company?

Answer: There has been huge demand for quality & engaging original content for brands & startups all across the globe. Having tried and tested a much-similar and analogous content platform to outsource content for our past assignments, we found that it was quite evident that this model works efficiently in gathering the content easily and speedily at competitive price. Before Contentmart, I was heading marketing for Creative Webmedia Pvt. Ltd, having brands like & And that’s where I met Mr. Anton Rublevskyy (Founder & CEO Creative Webmedia Pvt. Ltd… who founded Contentmart in Aug 2015.

Question: Great! So, how did you cover the journey till here from a starter Contentmart to an international Contentmart? Any challenges?

Answer: Indeed, we faced many challenges like other startups do, but with the right set of talented people in our team in Ukraine & India, we successfully converted them in to the milestones and going international is one of them 🙂

Question: Wow! So, can you share with our readers as to how many companies on an average are you catering to and how do you cope up with their content requirements? I mean how many content writers do you have at present?

Answer: It’s been speedy journey so far and we’ll try to continue the same pace. To give you some idea, Contentmart is now loaded with more than 45000 freelance writers. While we have successfully delivered more than 10,000+ content orders from clients all across the globe.

Question: That’s really a big number for this short span of time! So, how do you assure quality in the work you deliver? What parameters you follow while screening & hiring content writers for your company?

Answer: That’s where we have the most strict screening process in place to make sure that every single piece of content is up to the mark. 1 – Any writer who wants to participate writing content on contentmart, has to go through with 3 different levels of online English language tests 2 – Additionally we have industry specific tests for writers to go through with 3 – Clients can even select writers with a tag called “Verified by Contentmart“ these writers basically have proven track records based on some set parameters.

Question: Alright! This is why ContentMart clients are believed to be the happiest clients! So, the one thing you take pride in about Contentmart apart of the one I said just now?

Answer: I personally, consider (and feel proud of) that this is the golden opportunity for women specially highly educated house makers who can’t take full time jobs. Contentmart is the place for them to earn some quick money while sitting and working from home and making themselves as brands.

Question: That’s awesome! So, talking about the world at present, it is evolving and digital marketing is gaining grounds at a very faster pace. So, do you see any threat to the traditional marketing?

Answer: Indeed, digital marketing is one of the fastest growing ways to drive customers to your business and gives the much larger reach. But the key is that you integrate both traditional and digital marketing into your strategy In order to maximize the market.

Question: Right! So, it is being said that the Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow! What’s your take on this?

Answer: The biggest benefit of Internet for us will be the universal access to all human knowledge. Interestingly, I somewhere read that the experts predict the Internet will become ‘like electricity’ — less visible, yet more deeply embedded in people’s lives.

Question: Very true! So, before we conclude the conversation is there something you would like to convey to the young entrepreneurs that can help them overcome the hurdles they face?

Answer: The gist of setting a successful example lies in believing yourself. This applies to each and every task taken up by any individual. Move ahead with time and try to find your niche while working like crazy to achieve results. “If you are not the user, don’t build it.”
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