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Digital Marketing Interview session with Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee- Shah Fahad Raja

Digital Marketing Interview session with Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee- Shah Fahad Raja
Recently, I met one of the Digiperform’s Ex-trainee- Shah Fahad Raja and asked – how is it going at personal and professional front. He had especially moved to Delhi for Digital Marketing Training and work on his skills. It was a great talking with Fahad where he discussed his career, digital marketing and his experience with Digiperform. Please have a look at our one-on-one discussion with our ex-trainee who is also known for his web developing skills. Q1- Please share your personal and professional background. In which profile and company you are working currently? I belong to a small Kashmiri family and currently living in Delhi for 4 years. I have completed BCA from University of Kashmir and MSC IT from Distance-Sikkim Manipal University.  Presently, I’m working as a Freelance – Web Designer and Digital Marketer and have worked for many companies such as IBM, HyperLink, and Converxion. Q2- Why have you chosen the career in Digital Marketing? How do you get to know about Digital Marketing? Being a part of IT background, I was looking for the options where I could excel my skills to have the better career.  I was looking for the right career domain which can go with my educational background as well as my interests. I used to search for the most popular jobs in India and abroad, read many blog the business’ demands, looked for the suggestion on Quora and asked my friends as well. After all these R&D, I decided that Digital marketing can only give me a lot of opportunities and help me to enhance my skills at a superior level. Q3- How is Digital Marketing helping in your career? Earlier I used to be the master in web development only. However, after completing my Certified Digital Marketing Consultant Course with Digperform, I have gained all the knowledge related online marketing and benefits. I have realized that only creating the website is not the ultimate task, you need to create SEO based friendly website which you can only do if you are well aware of the concepts and importance of the same in the relevant business. In addition, I have become a professionally trained Digital Marketer as well which has added a badge to my resume and helping me to enhance my freelancing business a lot. It has helped to grow my web design and development skills as well. Q4-How you feel digital marketing can help students learn as well as earn? I feel Digital Marketing is not only for students, it’s for anyone. However, yes, for students it can act as a catalyst to start afresh career. It can help them become self-sustainable as everything in India is turning into Digital even including small cities. Because of the same, the demand for skilled Digital Marketers has become the need of the hour. As the demand is high, definitely they will get good jobs and packages. Or they can do freelancing side by side as well. Or become professional Freelancer like I am. Q5- Why did you choose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies? Before deciding the right Digital Marketing Training Institute for the course, I did my research on Quora and other social sites as well. I checked reviews for the all the digital marketing institutes. Also, I took demo classes in many institutions but I found the way of teaching at Digiperform better and affordable. Q6- How was your experience with Digiperform. Please share your memorable moments? The experience was good. I really liked the way the trainers discuss the concepts in depth. The trainers have good knowledge and really make you comfortable if you have any query or issue. Plus, different batches really help you to take or shift your classes as per your request. Q7- How is the faculty and training in Digiperform? The faculty and moderators are really approachable. Even I have already recommended to my friends because of trainers and the way, they teach. Plus you have many centers available in Delhi as well. You can join any center as per your own convenience as well. Q8- In your opinion, what is the scope of digital marketing in coming years? It has a lot of scope as everything in India is going digital. Whether you see businesses, hospitals, e-commerce, hospitality, travels etc, everything is turning themselves into digital and they would need more digital marketers in coming years to accomplish their business goals. Q9- What are your future plans? Currently, I am going to continue with my freelance work. Later on, I am also planning to look for big opportunity in the regular field. Q10- Would you like to give any message to your readers? One should choose digital marketing as main skill as well as additional skill. It’s nothing harm to learn and add new skills and keep yourself updated as per the marketing trends. Every person should be ready for the best. Thanks a lot for Fahad for sharing your views and experiences with us. We wish you a great success in life.
If you still wondering How can Digital Marketing can help you in a successful career, please have a look at the video below: Also, have look at the testimonials of our Ex-Trainees:
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