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An interview session with Mrs. Teena Trainee of Digiperform

An interview session with Mrs. Teena Trainee of Digiperform
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Question 1 : So Teena why did you join Digiperform?
Answer : Well I wanted to learn the basics of Digital marketing as it’s the future of marketing. Came to know about Digiperform through facebook and attended a Demo class by Vaibhav which i found really good based that I enrolled for DMIP course.
Question 2 : You have 5 years of experience in Business Development, Marketing and Sales, channel Management, So how do you find Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?
Answer: Digital marketing is creating a buzz all over the world as through DM, sellers get to know more about the buyer behavior. Specific targeting, more geographical reach etc help sellers to reach out to their right customer and faster. Also, Yearly, monthly reports are the things of gone time, now sellers can track on hourly basis what the consumers are liking, what they want and thus can make strategies accordingly and results in increase in the sales.
Question 3 : How practical was the curriculum of Digiperform?
Answer: I found it really good as it was a step by step learning led by practical and day to day examples.
Question 4 : Were Trainers @ Digiperform helpful?
Answer: Yes, very helpful. I appreciate vaibhav the way he used to take queries and answer them with examples. And the best part was even after the course was over, he offered his help whenever required and asked.
Question 5 : What is your message to masses specially to people in traditional sales and Marketing department?
Answer: Digital marketing is a booming industry and scope of digital marketers is bigger and better in the coming years. The way people are getting smartphones for anything and everything, it is apparent that demand for digital marketing will only increase especially in India.

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