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An interview session with digiperform trainee Sarika Aneja

An interview session with digiperform trainee Sarika Aneja
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Hi Sarika! How are you doing?
I am doing well.
Sarika, tell us something about your current professional life?
Before joining Google I was working with a leading online reputated management company as a digital marketing executive. There I handled the accounts of leading companies.
– How did you get job in Google?
As I told you that I was already into digital marketing, and in order to gain more insight about digital marketing I joined Digiperform. I can explicitly say to you that I did not think to get job in Google at initial stage of my career. However in digiperform, I not only learned digital marketing but also got job in Google. So, I want to thank digiperform especially Riya Ma’am for sending me to Google.
– Why did you choose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies to learn digital marketing?
Digiperform’s curriculum covers all aspects of digital marketing comprehensively and offers at affordable prices. SO, these two factors propelled me to book my seat at Digiperform without having a second thought.
– How was the faculty of Digiperform?
All the trainers at Digiperform are very helpful and each has its own area of expertise. As I was new to Google adwords which was comprehensively taught by adwords specialist at Google. In addition, each students was free to ask about their queries regarding any topic of digital marketing either in classroom or via phone and mails.
– So what is the best thing about Digital Marketing certificate course?
The most important aspect of this course is that they first help everyone create their website so that all modules can be implemented in practical way. Also, It covers all the topics of digital marketing.
– What is your message to young graduates and Job seekers?
Today in this Digital epoch youngster or college graduates have to understand the significance of Digital Marketing. More students should learn digital marketing as it will unlock new opportunities to young students as well job seekers. I want to remind people about Digital India scheme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So, don’t wait just go ahead and book your seat and companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google have extended their support to Digital India campaign, therefore there is no need to worry.
How do you rate the placement cell of Digiperform.
With the support of placement department of Digiperform I could get placed in Google. Thus I want to say that at Digiperform they don’t do any fake promises.

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